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Strange Experience in Camp Mitigiwa

October 2004

I'm a Corporal in the U.S National guard, being my first year of serving. I can remember the first month when I finished my AIT in Virginia, coming back to my home in Iowa. I remember having drill weekend that second week coming home. Then I was a first class private, but we had field training in Camp Mitigiwa.

Now Camp Mitigiwa was laid above an old Native American burial grounds. That first night I was called on night patrol. It was a squad of us, but I remember only being the one up. It was about midnight and we were in the middle of the forest. My only light was the fire we had built in the middle of the Canvas tents. I remember sitting against the cache next to the radio, when I heard a sound, like a rock being thrown at me. I stood up and walked towards the area, noticing nothing was there. But something lured me deeper away from the camp, just this feeling I had like I lost complete control of myself. For an odd reason I just got very emotional, and I sat down on the ground and cried heavily. I heard A quiet murmur around me like more than one voice was speaking. Then the voices stopped. I stood up and just ran back to the camp.

I experienced something strange that night, that I cant hardly explain in much detail.

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