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Strange Experience With A Demon

Rob Haynes, USA
May 2000

This all happened around 1990 or so. It happened to my second family, friends of mine who I lived with most of the time. The house they live in is very large, some 7 bedrooms on the second floor and four rooms in the attic. The second floor has a wooden floored hallway with 3 rooms on each side, and at the end of the hallway is a mirror from floor to ceiling. The stairs start next to the mirror, going up to the right. My best friend, Jean (french pronunciation) had his room in that hallway, and his sister, a year older, lived in one of the 2 bedrooms in the attic. We'll call her Gab. I cannot say I saw anything, but I know the events are true. My best friend, the same age as me (13), and I were into chivalry and knights a lot back then and to this day our word is all important. He has never lied to me, and I never to him. This is how it goes...

Gab was upstairs in her room on the 3rd floor with her friend. She had a Ouija board and was attempting to talk to her grandfather who had recently died. She contacted something, and at first he said he was her grandpa, and the two girls started asking questions. It knew intimate details about her house and she was sure it was her grandpa. But when she asked it its name (she never said her grandpas name in the presence of the board) it went to goodbye, end of session. The two girls tried again the next night, and got some interesting answers. They asked if it was Gab's grandpa and it said 'heaven'. They asked who they talked to last night and it said 'Razz'. They asked who they were talking to now and it said 'warning'. They asked what is the warning and the reply was 'strength in numbers' (strnth n numbers). They were confused but Gab's friend had the right idea when she said "don't ever use this by yourself, always make sure someone is with you". Gab said ok and the girls went to bed.

The next couple of weeks Gab stayed away, but apparently she couldn't stay away from the Ouija board. She didn't have many friends (just one is all I ever saw stay the night) and her friend from the other sessions had been staying out of town on vacation. Anyway Gab went to her room upstairs and held a Ouija session by herself every night for 6 nights. The contents of these sessions are known only to her. But she started acting differently after that week. She was almost skittish, jumping at little noises like the phone ringing. She said about 5 words that whole week. Then things turned weird. I couldn't bring myself to go upstairs, and with no knowledge of the events at the time I was wondering where the feeling came from. I would put a step on the wooden stair to go up to Gab's room and be overcome with fear. I can't describe the feeling. The basement in pitch black at midnight was no problem to walk around in, but I couldn't take two steps up those stairs in the middle of the day.

A few days later Jean was lying in bed, with his door open and his feet pointed towards the door, so he had a view of the hallway that ran past his room. He was reading at night, before going to sleep, when a figure walked by his door down the hallway towards the stairs to the attic. It was small, about 3 or 4 feet tall, with a tail. He only saw it walk buy his door, maybe 1 second passed, but he thought it was an imp. I wouldn't know and neither does he, but that's what he thought he saw. Later he went to the bathroom, down the hall on the opposite side of the mirror. The hall has a bend in it where it turns to carpet in front of the bathroom. On his way back to his room he walked passed the bend and looked down the long hallway to the mirror. In front of the room next to his was a bright humanism shaped figure about 3 feet tall. It was so bright that details were not distinguishable. The figure moved its head toward Jean, then bolted straight for the mirror and disappeared into it. Jean was religious, and said a prayer, grabbed his catholic statues and crosses and set up a shrine in his room before laying down for the rest of the night, wide awake the whole time, bible in hand. Weird sounds could be heard above his room, where his sisters room was. Rapping and knocking sound on the ceiling. It also sounded like his sister was rearranging her furniture in her room at 3 in the morning. Anyway the next day Gab said she was attacked by something in the night. She said Razz had appeared in her doorway as a dark mist. The mist vaguely resembled a human form and it floated up and over to her bed, laying horizontally above her. She never said if she was raped, but she said she was pregnant the next morning. A virgin, pregnant. She was completely in shock, and finally told her parents what she had been doing the past couple of weeks. Her dad, disbelieving but a loving father, grabbed the Ouija board and broke it in half and threw it into the fire place. I heard the sound of the burning board and it sounded like someone screaming. A very unhealthy sound. Maybe that's what all Ouija boards do when they burn but it scared the hell out Jean and me (and I think his dad was a little unnerved by the sound as well). Gab went to the church that night and a Catholic priest blessed her and all that. When the priest left Gab just spent the whole night kneeling in prayer, at the foot of Jesus, for like 5 hours. The sightings stopped, and Gab became much more sociable (and no longer pregnant, if she ever was in the first place). But we all will never forget the Demon let loose on that house those years ago.

Rob Haynes, USA
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