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Strange Experiences

Sandi, Canada state = Winnipeg, Manitoba
February 2004

I have been an avid reader of this site for about a year now and still can not get enough. I have submitted a story about a year ago and would now like to share some other experiences I have had.

In 1999 my husband and I had taken over his fathers apartment so he could move to another province. My husband had lived there in the past with his father and never noticed anything unusual until we moved in.

The first incident I remember is my husband (Matt) and I sitting in the living room watching TV. I realized that the hangers in the front closet were rattling. Not just a coat falling and making noise but really rattling. The closet doors were closed and the rods were the kind that have little holes in a long flat piece of metal so that each hanger has to be placed properly into each slot (or hole). We both watched the closet doors almost expecting someone or something to pop out. The rattling stopped and nothing else happened that day. We did hear them alot over the next year or so until we moved into another apartment in the same complex area.

Another incident that happened really scared both myself and my husband. I was coming home from work one evening and when I got to our apartment door I put my key in to unlock the it. I flipped the key to the unlock position and started to turn the handle. I still had one hand on the key, and as I started to turn the handle the key flipped back to the lock moved my hand. I jumped back startled but thought it was my husband (who was inside) playing a joke on me. So I yelled at him that he was not funny and to let me in. I was tired and hungry and wanted to just get inside and start my evening. I tried agian and this time the key stayed in the unlock position. I walked into the apartment and threw down my keys on a table near the entrance. As I did I started walking towards and talking to my husband about how rude it was to lock me out like that and how mad I was. Well he jumped about 2 feet when I started talking and cut me off saying that he swore I had walked in, tossed my keys down (as I usually did) and walked into the living room about 1 minute before I actually did. He had heard and saw me out of the corner of his eye. He even had say hello but got no reply. He swears he did not play with the lock. I do believe him as he was pretty shaken up.

My sister has a good theory about this. She thinks that it was some sort of time warp/bending that happened. As if my spirit had gone in when I turned the key in the lock the first time. Very weird. It never did happen agian.

In our new place we are always seeing a shadow going from our kitchen to our bathroom. Usually in the evenings, but it does happen at all hours day and night.

One night I was sleeping on our couch as I was very very sick and did not want to keep Matt up all night with my coughing and tossing. I was laying with my head laying at the base of our A/C unit. (I live in Canada and since we don't need the A/C in winter we unplug it from the wall). I started to hear a hum and at first thought it was the heater. I soon realized it was not our heater but our A/C unit. I could not figure out how it turned on so I lifted up my head to see that it was indeed still unplugged. I got a bit scared. It was not blowing any air at all, just making the noise of the fan running. As I said I was sick at the time and I thought it was just a fever playing with me. I guess I will never really know.

I have an old dining room bureau that had belonged to my grandparents. My Grandmother is still alive and well, but my grandfather had passed away in 1993. He had always kept a bottle of sherry in the bureau on the right hand side. He had one shot everyday and when I was a little girl, (I lived with them) he would let me dip my finger in his glass so I could have a taste. Well in the past year or so the right had door to the bureau opens up on it's own. It was happening every day. Finally one day I was home alone and noticed it was open, and I had had enough. I said loudly (as my grandfather had been hard of hearing) "Gigi, there is no sherry in there anymore. Please stop opening the door." Well that was the last time it opened on it's own. But in all honesty I really wish I had not said anything. I felt very empty and alone after that happened. I think my grandfather left. It has been very empty at home since then. I really can't explain it. I sure do miss him and even told him he can come back but to please not open the door. I have not had any more experiences since then.

There is one other situation I would like to mention as other have written in about similar incidents too.

When I was a child I would be laying in bed trying to sleep. I would feel almost light headed and feel like I was floating. At that point I would hear many many voices in my head and they were all calling out my name. Mostly in whispers and far away voices, but clear. I would get scared and sit up in bed. It would pass and I would eventually get to sleep. It did not happen every night but at least once a week. It stopped sometime in my late teens. I have been told that I had been having out of body experiences and the voices were those of souls trying to get back into a physical body. These people said if I had allowed my spirit to travel to far then the other spirits could steal my body and my spirit would float around in search of a physical body. I honestly don't know if I believe this or not but I have had no other explanations.

Well I think that is about it. At least for now. I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences.

Sandi, Canada state = Winnipeg, Manitoba
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