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Strange Experiences (2)

Pennsylvania, USA
October 1999

Hi everyone, I read a lot of the stories here and my story really isn't scary but weird experiences.

After my mom divorced my dad because he was abusive (I was about 9), we (my mom, sister, 2 brothers and me) moved to a small 3 bedroom apartment. It was just built, we were the first tenants to move in.

Everything was fine for the first few years but after a while strange things would happen; such as missing keys, shadows on the walls, weird noises and one time my stepdad blamed my little brother and I for bad mouthing him when he was upstairs and we were at the bottom of the landing. But my little brother and I weren't even home, I think he saw a couple of ghosts. However he was convinced that it was us and wanted my mom to punish us, but we were with her at the time that he claims we did that.

Something else I couldn't explain was the things that would happen to my little brother.

We were very close back then, everywhere he went I went, and visa-versa. One day we were playing outside on our front step of the apartment when he asked me what did I want to do? I said lets play a board game. He looked at me strangely and said "Carol I didn't ask you anything, I was thinking it" I just stared at him because I know I heard him speak. That happened a couple of times between us, which was kinda cool. But no one in my family has any psychic ability or anything like that.

One night I remember being in my room half asleep when I heard my little brother scream in terror and it sounded like he was fighting someone. I rushed into his room and it looked like he was fighting with himself. I shook him and he woke up but was still screaming. He was all red in the face and was sweating beyond belief. He said that a demon was trying to strangle him and that right before I shook him awake that he was about to die. Well, I let him sleep in my room that night but he stayed in my room for the next month. But like I said earlier I have two brothers. In my brothers room they have bunk beds and my older brother was on the top bunk, I kept thinking why didn't he help him? When I first ran in my brothers room my mom was right behind me, because he woke everyone up, my older brother was still in the top bunk just sleeping. To try to make a long story short........ apparently my older brother was playing with fire. He admitted he was devil worshipping for a little while because he was curious. So I think he released something in their room that would only attack my little brother because it happened a couple more times after that night.

My older brother said he stopped doing the cult the year before, but it was to late whatever got out was staying.

Although we did stay there for another 10 years nothing really bad happened after that night.

Sorry my story was a little long but thanks for reading it.

Pennsylvania, USA
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