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Strange Experiences (3)

Danielle Reynolds, Missouri, USA
December 2006

I have always been a sensitive. When I was very young I would swear to be hearing a voice calling my name, and from what I remember, I think that it sounded much like Jiminy Cricket. Or so my mother tells me. So it came as little surprise to me when, after my grandfather on my father's side passed away, odd things began happening around the house.
Lights flipping on and off on their own, little piles of pennies left in the most bizarre places, and my television flipping channels to the Discovery Channel every time I try to watch soaps just to name a few.
My parents blew it off as my imagination, thinking that the Goosebumps books I tended to read were addling my mind and causing me to be unable to tell reality from fiction.

Several years went by with no further occurrences until I was 16.
I was sleeping in my bed as usual, my back to the bedroom door and facing the wall, when for no apparent reason, I awoke. I had an eerie feeling wash over my entire body, compelling me to turn toward the door. As I rolled over my breath caught in my throat, mingled with a strangled scream as my eyes locked onto a misty green figure hovering near my closet and beginning to float across my room. She was tall and beautiful, A regally dressed Asian woman in full traditional garments, beautifully ornamented robes and one of those large headdresses with those ornamental sticks all over it. Now keep in mind that I am in no way of Asian descent nor is anyone in my family. I have no rational explanation as to why this woman was in my room. As I watched her, she glided serenely across my room, pausing right in front of me and turning to me. She merely smiled and bowed, then turned and continued her passage through the east wall of my bedroom. Needless to say 3 seconds later I began screaming my head off for my mother, because for all the little occurrences I had experienced, I had never actually seen anything. I still wonder who she was and why she was in my room.
If anyone has any insight as to this woman or has had any similar experiences, please contact me.

Danielle Reynolds, Missouri, USA
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