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Strange Feelings (2)

New York, USA
March 1999

This story is not a ghost story but a story about ESP.

This happened when I was young probably 12. During the summer I had a sleep over with three of my very best friends (back then) and when I mean back then I am talking about the 80's. We all decided to sleep in my family room since my bedroom was a little small, and when we finally went to bed which was in the early morning I was feeling a little restless and could not for anything get comfortable when out of the blue a very strange feeling came over me and I felt that something bad was or had happened. I told my friends everything, since they too were still up, and they laughed at me so I just let it go and went to sleep.

Well, needless to say in the morning one of my friends father called to say that she needed to come home right away. Later that day I found out that her grandfather had died. When I asked her what time he died she told me at 12 in the morning and looked at me wide eyed saying "that was when you had that feeling" neither of us said another word.

To this day the only thing I can say about what happened to me is that I do believe we have ESP and sometimes when our minds tun into it we can see or feel something, and in case you are wondering I have not had this happen to me since.

New York, USA
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