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Strange Feelings (3)

December 2002

This story might not be terrifying but still, it is weird and a little scary. Just for a bit of background I am 25 and when I was 5 my father died of cancer and when I was 7 my mother died of cancer also. Now for the story!

I was 15 and getting ready for a school trip to Italy. I was looking forward to being there but the thought of flying was absolutely terrifying. I was at home (alone) one day and I was crying thinking about the flight (as I had never flown before). I decided not to go as the fear of the flight was overwhelming. As I sat there the living room door opened very slowly and then finally stopped. I thought nothing of it (don't know why, its normal doors opening on their own is it!!!) and a few seconds later I felt something there with me. I got this warm feeling, its hard to explain but it was like a warm breeze pass through my body and I started to cry again, but I was crying because it felt good (weird i know!!)). After that I forgot about the flight and when I did think of it I was no longer afraid. Well maybe a small bit, but nothing compared to before my experience.

I am convinced it was my mother blessing me and I am forever thankful. Her way of telling me not too worry, everything will be ok and maybe the warm feeling I got was her putting her arms around me.

Thanks for reading.

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