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Strange Happenings (4)

Dusty, IN, USA
March 2007

In October 1999 I submitted a story about my house. For those who are not familiar, I'll give a brief summary:

My house was built in 1889. We are the fifth owner of the house and bought it just over eleven years ago. The same family owned the house from 1905 to 1965. It has a rich history of births, deaths, weddings and even a funeral which have all occurred within it's walls.
I believe we currently share our home with part of that family...mainly Edith and her husband.

I love antiques and have many in our house. One of my favorite pieces is an old steamer trunk that sat at the end of the hall upstairs. It's important to note that the hall runs the length of the house with doorways to bedrooms on both sides....the trunk sat in front of a window at the front of the house. It has old wheels on the bottom that screech and groan whenever the trunk is moved. (It really makes a racket!).

One morning I was downstairs getting ready for work. My husband was in the bath tub. I was standing in the dining room with a cup of coffee in my hand when the loud screeching sound of the wheels on the steamer trunk groaned and scraped their way down the entire length of the hall above my head! I yelled up to my children to ask what they were doing with the trunk and why they'd pushed it down the hall. You can imagine my shock when all three boys walked through the living room door beside me. My husband ran soaking wet from the bathroom to find everyone standing and looking at the ceiling. The entire household was in the dining room as the trunk was slowly making its way down the hall! The boys and I left my husband standing there and ran as fast as we could up the stairs. We were shocked to see the trunk at the end of the hall in its if it had never moved. I told my husband to stay where he was as I pushed the trunk down the hall in an attempt to mimic the sound we'd heard. It was a perfect match! There was no way my husband could deny it this time....we share our house with others.

One afternoon, my friend Deb and I were sitting at the dining room table. Several times during our conversation I'd looked at the door to the foyer. I kept seeing an image, just at the edge of my vision in the door that reminded me of my son, Trevor. When I looked to ask him what he needed, there was nothing there. After the fourth or fifth time, I turned back to look at Deb. She smiled, shook her head and said. "I saw it too." She said she'd seen a little boy with blonde hair standing in the doorway. He was only there for an instant and vanished. It was the first time our "housemates" had shown themselves to anyone other than family.

That night while talking to my husband in the kitchen, Trevor walked into the room from behind us. My husband asked him where he'd just come from and was told that he'd been playing with the dogs in the Library. He had a very strange look on his face and looked toward the dining room. He told me that he'd just seen "Trevor" run into the dining room, toward the table and then go into the foyer and upstairs. He was puzzled at how he'd been able to get to the Library behind us without being seen. (This is simply not possible) I told him that it was "ok" that Deb and I had seen him too...earlier in the day.

Last year my husband and I were having an argument. I came downstairs to watch some TV and let things cool down a bit. The only light downstairs came from the TV. The couch sits at the end of the room. When sat there, you can see past the TV...into my husband's computer room and through to the bathroom. I'd been there for half an hour or so when movement at the far end of the room caught my eye. I sat with gaping mouth as what can only be described as a "shadow resembling human form" moved from the computer room into the living room. It stopped briefly by the antique rocking chair in the corner at the end of the room and then continued on, moving into the dining room. I was in absolute shock! Never, in all the years of living in the house had they shown themselves so clearly. Never had I seen them move in my direct line of sight. Before they had always kept just at the edge of vision...making you wonder if you'd seen anything at all.

I know what you're thinking. I probably fell asleep and was dreaming or that it was my husband. Funny thing is. After running to the dining room to see where it went, I found it empty.
I watched some more TV and began to get tired. I was too freaked out to turn off the TV and be in the dark, so I put it on "mute" and lay down on the couch. My husband came down about an hour or so later and woke me up to go to bed. He said he'd been down one other time to check and see that I was alright and found me asleep. Now this is important... I asked him if the sound on the TV was on or off at the time. He said that I was asleep on the couch with the sound off and he could see the word "Mute" on the TV screen. When my visitor went through the living room, I was sitting straight upright with the sound on. It was not my husband.

Dusty, IN, USA
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