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Strange Happenings (5)

Chris Bohar, Pennsylvania, USA
February 1998

Well, let me just start out to say that I can't tell all my experiences because I have so many, but I'll tell you the ones that I can remember.

My house has been haunted ever since I moved here 13 years ago. Strange things happen here all the time. I've counted over 11 ghosts in my house. I have had things thrown at me and heard talking and footsteps when there was nobody there.

I can remember one time when I was sitting on my basement steps when I saw a figure, a really tall figure all draped in black just standing next to the steps. I swear it just came out of nowhere. It had no facial features or anything, just a shape of a person draped in black. I have already seen a spirit standing in my bedroom door at night.

They also come in my dreams sometimes and give me messages. I believe they could be past owners of my house but I'm not sure who or what they are. I have already seen utensils fly around which have even hit me. Lights go on and off and appliances also go on and off on there own accord. I have also heard screaming in my house which I can't explain.

Chris Bohar, Pennsylvania, USA
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