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Strange Happenings (6)

Amira, NSW, Australia
November 2007

My stories may not be as scary as some of the others but they are 100% true to the best of my memory.

I've had a few experiences on different occasions, so here are 3 them.

The first one was when I was a little girl, i'd say around 7 or 8. Before I continue i'll explain the layout of my old bedroom:

it was a small room with 2 separate beds.. one for me, one for my mum. The beds were positioned the same, mine on the right side and my mums on the left. The gap between them was about 5 steps.

I wasn't getting any sleep that night, tossing and turning in the dark. As I turned facing my mums bed I saw a little girl. She was sitting right next to my mums bed while my mum was sound asleep, staring at me. The little girl was wearing a long white dress which looks similar to the 1900's traditional clothing. She had beautiful long and flowing curly hair, kind of like a doll. However she wasn't "in colour" as you or I, her whole figure was a kind of off - white and black. Kind of like a old black and white photo that's the best I can describe it.

Anyway.. She just sat there staring. Never made any kind of movement. I buried my face into my pillow and started to mutter to myself "go away, go away, go away." I peeked from the corner of my eye, nothing. She was gone. This was not a dream or a case of 'eyes playing tricks on me', I was very awake and it was VERY real. Now to the next story. This happened around 6 months ago while I was with my ex. It was around 9pm and we were in a fairly deserted area. Now from what he told me we were driving past some kind of abandoned shop of some sort (maybe a old childcare centre?), directly behind it is a kind of mini park with a swing, see-saw and slide. You have to drive into a tight driveway to enter it, the rest of it is fenced off meaning the only way to exist is where we came from, the driveway. Keep in mind that it is very dark with only our headlights as lights. As my ex sped through the driveway the headlights lit up the play equipment area and I noticed 2 children holding hands running from the equipment. I yelled at my ex to slow down and turn the high beams on. Well he did, and nothing. There was nowhere the children could have exited, the only possible way is to pass our car which we would have seen. We looked around, no trace of anyone. Who the heck would let their kids out at 9pm in the dark anyway? From what i saw they couldn't have been older than 5 or 6.

To the last story. This is a different from the above stories ? I haven't actually SEEN anything, well not really anyway. I've just heard things. I went through a period of about a week where something would wake me up around the same time each night, 5am. Most of those nights I would wake up to a lady calling my name.. the thing is she didn't pronounce it properly and she had a strange accent. Not a "evil" or "scary" voice or anything.. just different. I cant make out what accent it was either. I always sleep with my door closed and locked, during that week on another night I could hear what I thought to be my mums footsteps near my door.. I walked to my door and yelled out to see why she was up, no answer but I could see through the cracks of my door that a light had been turned on then off a minute later. I yelled out a few times again with of course no reply.

The next day I asked my mum if she had been up and she said no (note- there's no one else that lives here but us).

On another delightful night of being disturbed and woken up it sounded like someone had thrown something right next to me on the bed-head. It was very loud and made me literally JUMP up in shock. Yet again.. yep, you guessed it, nothing was there.

Nothing much has happened since *knock on wood* apart from hearing something at my door every now and then. Maybe it's because i've been sleeping with the lights on? Can't do that forever though, the electricity bill is getting high.

Amira, NSW, Australia
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