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Strange Happenings (7)

August 2004

I have always been told by my mother that I attract spirits easily (what a way to scare a kid huh). Let me begin by saying my aunt is a psychic and a medium and it sorts of runs in the family.

My first encounter began when I was about 13 years old. I was sleeping one night when something woke me up. When I opened my eyes, I saw an Asian lady standing close to me dressed in black Chinese clothing (the ones they bury the dead in). I got really scared and started to cry. My mom came over to console me and I slept in her bed that night. This continued every night for about two weeks and I couldn't sleep because I would see her when I closed my eyes. Eventually, my mom got really angry and did the old wives thing of trying to dispel this spirit. It worked in a way because she started to get further away from me. I still couldn't sleep so one day, my mom showed me a picture of an Asian lady. Now mind you, I never saw this picture before but it was the same lady who was haunting me. It turned out to be my dad's first wife who died during childbirth. My mom said she came to visit me to ensure that I was okay. The next day, we visited her grave and lit incense for her. I didn't see her again until two years later.

I had a fight with my mom and was not on speaking terms with her. When I came back from the movies, I went to sleep and I saw my dad's first wife again. This time it was her and a little girl. When I opened my eyes, she was sitting directly across from me. I screamed and my family rushed into my room. She sat there just staring at me with a sad look in her face. After some hysterics from me and shouting from my mother she left. I found out the little girl was her daughter with whom she died during childbirth. I still do see my dad's first wife but I am no longer scared of her. She means no harm to me so there is no need to be scared.

The next story is very chilling. My mom died two years ago from heart failure and diabetes. The night we were rushing to the hospital, it was a full moon. We were so worried and I was crying constantly and when I looked up at the moon, I knew my mom had passed away. She died in the early hours of July 2. The night of July 2, I entered the house to get something from my room and chills ran down my spine. I did not think anything of it because I was so distraught. When I reached my room, I could not enter it. I felt too weak and like something was preventing me from entering. Eventually I got what I wanted from the room but when I joined my family outside, the chills didn't stop. We went into my brother's room and that is when everything started. My hands and legs were numb and I felt very strange, also, my fingertips were cold and turning blue. I did not know what was happening to me. After a while, it stopped.

I calmed down and we started to talk about it when it happened again. This time, my brother was going to hold me and I told him not to touch me but it wasn't me talking. I knew I was saying something but didn't feel in control. The same thing continued for a while until my brother and his wife broke down. At that time, I felt the tingling leave my body and my arm was the final part for the tingling to go away. At that point, I felt so much at ease and calm. Later on, I found out from my sister-in-law that the ground turned icy cold and this was during the summer time in the Caribbean!I did not cry for my mom until her funeral occured a week later. I felt so calm and I told my other siblings not to worry that mom was okay now and she is contented.

The only explanation we could have given was it had to be my mom finding her way home. My mom always told us she didn't want to be in the freezer for very long when she died and she died in her sleep so we figured she woke up and found her way home. My mom and I have always been close and we always hug each other and this is probably what happened when she saw me. I still miss my mom terribly and she comes in my dreams at times to warn me of things or just to have a chat.

In the Chinese belief, we say the deceased visits one week after they died and in the case of mom this happened. Exactly one week from when she died, her funeral occured and the ritual is for the first born son to light an incense from the graveyard to home for the spirit to know its way back home. Well, my mom was supposed to have followed my brother through the front door but guess what, she always go wherever I went so she followed me. The same thing happened again and this time, there were more family present to witness it. I am so glad that I was not the only one because my brother felt chills run down his back as well. That is the indication my mom returned home.

There is one more story that freaked me out and probably will do the same to you. I had a dream I was in a church that I used to attend. There was a long staircase in the middle of the church and a man was sitting on it. I saw a coffin at the alter with my mom sitting next to it. I was confused by this dream but woke up immediately after.

At that time, my friends (two sisters), mom went for an operation. I was on the phone with one of the sisters when she told me to hold on her sister was on the other line. Instantly, I knew her mom had passed away because she got complications during the surgery and was in a coma. From that day, I knew what the dream meant and after the funeral, I dreamt of their mom, myself and the two sisters in a room and the mom talked directly to me. She wanted me to give her daughters a message saying she was okay and at peace. Her daughters were not to worry and she will look after them.

I still do have more stories to tell but I will leave them for another time. I guess I am a medium in a way but through my dreams. I do have dreams that have come true sometimes in a couple of weeks or years after. It has freaked me out and I am trying to learn how to deal with this ability.

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