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Strange Happenings at VPI

Virginia, USA
February 2000

Ok this is not a personal experience, but rather it happened to some friends of mine and I think it is kind of funny in that weird way so I decided to submit it.

We all go to Virginia Tech, which for those of you who don't know is the shortened version of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Home to about 30000 souls in pursuit of knowledge and cheap beer.

Anyway on with the story. Virginia Tech. was founded in 1872, on land obtained from a few wealthy local families, and one of the parcels was obtained from three very strange sisters...Civil War widows, who dressed in black their entire lives, and when they passed away donated their sprawling estate to the school.

During their life time they ran an all girls boarding school on the property that now houses mostly student apartments and touches some of the academic buildings too. One of the campus buildings was actually their home/ the girls school.

Over the years since their deaths (which occurred around the turn of the century from what I've been told), the local legend has been that these sisters are seen all over the place. Virtually every building on campus has reported seeing them in some capacity. It is interesting to note that until this sighting that my friends and none of us knew the story.

These friends of mine, 3 guys and a girl, all live in a 4 bedroom typical college apartment with a little living room kitchenette area, for which they are grossly overcharged. One of the guys was out of town, visiting his parents, and the other 3 were all off at their various jobs one night last summer. The first to come home, Kevin, got back in the early evening and immediately went to bed. He says that he was awakened by a sound, and he looked up to see a woman pacing back and forth across the threshold of his door, a little old lady dressed all in black. In about a second it sunk in what he was seeing and he hit the light by his bed, and she vanished. He decided he had had enough, and so went out and slept on the fold out couch in the living room. A couple hours later the second guy who lives there, Hunter, came home and went to his room...he noticed Kevin on the couch but figured he had just fallen asleep watching TV or something. A few minutes after he gets into bed he is awakened by someone breathing on his face, and opens his eyes to see an old woman in black leaning down over him. He jumps up, hits the light, and runs out into the living room and gets into bed with Kevin. An hour or so later Karen comes home and sees them in bed together..a little strange but she doesn't say anything. Soon thereafter Kevin and Hunter are awakened by Karen screaming, and she runs out and jumps into bed with them talking about a "little old lady" floating above her bed. Well they all decide to sleep out on the fold out, and the next day Dave gets home and sees them together there and wakes them up wondering what the hell is going on.

They tell him the story and he admits he has seen the woman before too and just didn't say anything cause he thought they would pick on him about it.

To my knowledge nothing has happened since then, but I just think it is a funny strange little story...they have been known to BS with everyone before, but in this case I believe them. I have heard a lot of other stories about various buildings on campus...ghostly professors who seem to want to continue teaching far beyond the point of obtaining their emeritus status or students who committed suicide. The usual college fare hehe, but this one was unique so I decided to post it.

Hope you all enjoyed it

Virginia, USA
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