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Strange Happenings In Our Old House

South Africa
September 2003

My experience all started when we moved to another town to be closer to my mother's family.

We moved into this really old house, with Victorian carvings on the ceilings, wooden floors with a fireplace and even a stable (the stable seems strange because we were in the middle of town).

The strange things might seem lame, but it really caught our attention and we will still talk about the experiences of that house till now.

Everyone of my family felt something odd in that house except my twin sister and my mother. My father for example would wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats and he claimed that he could feel hands on his throat pressing down as if to suffocate him. Only when he screamed that this "thing" should go away would the strength of this "thing" get weaker and eventually be gone.

My older sister would usually hear footsteps on the wooden floor in the middle of the night when she knows for a fact everyone is sleeping. It sounded like old leather farmer boots, slow and heavy steps.

My experience is a bit different and sounds totally crazy, but the strangest thing would be I NEVER experienced it again after we moved away...

Whenever I was in our backyard I would start hearing voices; laughing, screaming, crying..everything at once..I would then go in a trance like state and just walk and listen, I could never figure out what these things said, but it sounded awful, I never heard it again after we moved away.

Oh yes, our housemaid would see a lady in a white, old fashioned dress just staring and smiling at her at the stables.

I don't know what this all meant, but we were all happy to get away from there.

South Africa
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