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Strange Happenings on the Hill

May 2004

My story begins about two years ago when my close friend Darlene got divorced and bought a home for her and her two sons.

Everything seemed normal at first. The house was only four years old and had no basement. It is a rather small home with only three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and living room. There is also a detached garage.

This was a perfect place for Darlene and her two sons, a house and four acres for the three horses they own. But things changed pretty quickly.

Darlene started to notice happenings but didn't tell her sons, worried they would be frightened. It was at this time that Darlene began to talk to me.

After only living in the house for a few weeks things began to go missing and lights would be turned on or off with out anyone visibly doing so. Darlene thought it to be her youngest son, then only 9 years old, causing these little occurrences. Kyle told Darlene time and time again that it wasn't him.

About this time Kyle began to tell Darlene there was someone in his closet making noises. Kyle's closet backs up to his mother's closet, so Darlene just told him he was imagining things. At this time Darlene noticed the house key she left in the garage had gone missing. She wasn't worried and soon forgot about the missing key.

Almost a year went by with lights turning themselves on and off, things missing and even the telephone ringing sending 333333 across the caller id, but that wasn't even scary compared to what happened in January of 2004.

One Friday night my boyfriend and I went up to Darlene's to watch movies with her and her two sons. Right before we got up to leave we heard something in the attic above the room. It sounded like someone throwing jacks across the floor in the attic. (Just like when you play the game jacks) Needless to say we were all terrified. My boyfriend and I decided to go ahead and leave but told Darlene if anything happens to call us. That night Darlene woke up to hear someone slam the toilet lid in her bathroom and walk out of her room into the hallway. Though frightened she just curled up and went back to sleep.

But this wasn't the end. The next night while sitting in the living room Darlene's son Kyle looked down the hallway and became very pale. "Mom, Mom, a little girl just ran out of the bathroom into the hallway and into my room!!!" Kyle would see this little ghost girl many times that night and ended up going to his father's house to stay because he was so badly frightened. That was the last straw. Darlene and I went to our priest and told him the entire story.

To our astonishment he was not surprised. He proceeded to tell us it could be a ghost or the devil. See the devil will come as a child as to not fright people so they will willingly let him into their homes. We were shaken by what he had told us and didn't know what to do. He gave us holy water and told us to sprinkle it in all the rooms of the house and garage and say "In the name of Jesus Christ leave this place!". He then told us to sprinkle the holy water and salt around the outside of the house/garage and repeat the same thing. Before sending us on our way he said to make sure we did all spaces in the rooms (closets,cabinets,doorways...) and to hang a cross in each and every room. The priest said if this doesn't work to come see him again, that he and another priest would then hold an exorcism at Darlene's house.

We went home that very night and blessed the house just like the priest told us. Thank God, Darlene has had no more happenings but we did do a little research. The property Darlene's home is built on used to be a farm. Her house sits on top of a hill. The people that owned this farm were struck by the flu epidemic and many died. In Kentucky it is tradition to have your family cemetery a top a hill on your property. Though we have yet to find a cemetery we think this is the only explanation for the little girl.

Just and ending note...the missing key was found on the top shelf of Kyle's closest. Kyle couldn't have done this because you would have to get a ladder to reach that shelf and he didn't know the key was gone in the first place. Also we think the little girl has traveled to the neighbors considering ever since we blessed Darlene's home they are now having eerie happenings in there's.

Thank you for listening to my story. My story is only a small sliver of all the things that happened in her home.

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