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Strange Occurrances in Solon House

Kimberly Laws, OH, USA
December 2000

I'd like to start by saying that upon coming across this website a few months ago, I have spent every spare moment at work reading the stories on it. I now have read every story on the site and I can't wait to see the monthly additions. Anyway, after reading all of the submissions, I decided to include my own. It may seem a bit uneventful compared to some, but I think it is worth mentioning.

We moved from Bedford Ohio to Solon Ohio (one city over) when I was 15. It was a decent house that my parents, older sister, younger brother, my grandmother and myself would move into. It was only a 4 bedroom though, and my uncles ended up building my bedroom in the basement. They took 1/2 of the basement and made me a really cool panelled bedroom with a nice sized closet. The only thing I didn't like was the doors on the bedroom entrance and on the closet weren't "real" doors. They were the kind of door that were split down the middle and hinged, so when the door was opened, one side would overlap the other. And mine wasn't solid either, it had slats in it, so you could see movement and light on the other side of the door when you looked at it. They are also very creaky when opened. I know this seems like a lot of detail, but it is relevant.

Anyway, although I was a bit uneasy moving into a new house, things seemed pretty normal. Until stupid me decided to play with an Ouija board by myself. I know this sight states no more Ouija stories, but this is only a small part of the story, so I thought I'd include it. After playing with that thing, and really getting nowhere with it, strange things happened in my room at night. I would be lying in bed trying to get to sleep, when all of a sudden, I would hear the creaking of the bedroom door, then footsteps going across the carpeting in the room. Being in the pitch black, I could never see anything, but the sounds were enough to scare me so badly that I wouldn't dare move. My parents didn't believe me when I told them the next day, but I never expected them to. They are very close-minded when it comes to that kind of thing. I spent the next couple of nights on the sofa in the family room, being to afraid to sleep in the basement. When I did finally kind of forget about the whole thing and try to sleep down there, the same thing happened.

The other thing that freaked me out is that you can turn on the basement light at the top of the stairs, or at the bottom. There is a switch at both ends. When I would switch on the light at the top, nothing would happen. Not wanting to go down there in the dark, I told my mother and when she tried the light, it would work. This was a little more than unnerving to a 15 yr. old. After numerous nights of the creaking door and footsteps, I finally had enough. One night, I finally just yelled when it started, "Would you just get out of my room!" To my surprise, I heard the footsteps go over to the door and the creaking of the door. After that, nothing. I only used that board a couple of times, but I threw it out and nothing ever happened after that. The other thing I found to be strange is this. About a year after these occurrences, my sister brought her new boyfriend over to the house. No one else was home but these two and she was showing him the house. He stopped dead at the staircase going upstairs to the bedrooms and just looked. She asked him what was wrong and he told her he saw a woman walking down the stairs dressed in the most beautiful wedding gown. She had the veil over her face so he could not see what she looked like, but none the less, it was a sight that scared him. This was a man who was in his late twenties, and my sister thought he was joking around, not believing him. Well, at that moment, my mother and grandmother got home from shopping. My sister told her boyfriend to tell my mom what he had seen. My mother looked in amazement at my grandmother and told my sister this: They never mentioned it to anyone else in the family, for fear of scaring us kids, but when they initially looked at the house, my grandmother had seen the same exact thing, a bride walking down the stairs.

To this day, no one can explain it. I've never looked into the history of the house, but it's not that old and we were I believe the 2nd or 3rd owners.The house isn't even 100 yrs. old or anything like that, but I'd love to know more about the bride. The last thing I want to mention is this. I had to move back home in 1996, due to getting a divorce. I was now 25 yrs. old and bringing a 3 yr. old along with me. My mother moved us into an upstairs bedroom that we were to share, (my brother got my sister's room when she moved out and my bedroom in the basement is now my brother's computer room). Anyway, things were always normal until 1999 when I started looking for another place to live. For some unexplained reason, this happened every time I'd go to take a shower in the main bathroom, (everyone else except my grandmother always used the shower in my parent's bedroom). I'd go in there, lock the door, and put my towel on the toilet seat for easy access when I got out of the shower. This was summer and the window was always closed due to my mom having the central air on. I'd get out of the shower and my towel would always be on the floor. The first couple of times I'd shrug it off thinking I'd put it too close to the edge. But after a while, I was making sure I put it down to where it wouldn't fall off and it always did. I'd never see this happening because we had a solid shower curtain and I was not going to open it and look periodically during my shower. I didn't want to see anything! My mother once again did not believe me, but it was very unnerving for me being that the door was locked and there was no explanation for this to be happening. So one day, I got in the shower and said, "Now I don't want to see that towel on the floor when I get out!" Well, when I got out the towel wasn't on the floor, but my mother had a little basket of flowers on the toilet tank, and that was on the floor instead! That totally creeped me out and shortly after that incident, I moved out.

My mother never mentions anything strange in that house, but my brother has. I've shown him this site and he has read every story on it too. Maybe I'll ask him to submit some of his experiences. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this rather long story of my ghostly experiences.

Kimberly Laws, OH, USA
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