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Strange Occurrences (2)

Kristin, Florida, USA
May 1999

We live in South Florida, not exactly the setting for hauntings. My family consists of My parents, Marie and Jim ( I am changing everyone's names except my own for privacy), my six sisters, Lynn, Ann, Marie, Michelle, Deniese, Lauren, and my brother, Dennis. I am number seven out of eight and I am eight years younger than the sixth child, Deniese. In other words, the first six and considerably older than Lauren and me.

Lauren and I were born down here but the first six children were born in Georgia and they moved around a lot when they were younger before settling down here in Florida. I remember them trying to scare me with stories about ghosts in their old houses when I was younger but now I realize that they were trying to warn me about them. My family is a devout Catholic family so I never really believed in ghost and spirits wandering the earth because I thought that when you died, they all went up to heaven to be with God.

The occurrences started when I was very young. I have always had bad dreams about being attacked and things like that and so did Lauren. We suffered from something called Night Terrors. As I look back, this all makes sense. We were never hurt during our dreams until my older siblings moved away to college. I stopped having the night terrors but Lauren continued. She is only 3 years younger than me. My parents figured that I just grew out of them and she will eventually too. Thats when they started noticing that she had marks on her body after each episode. Small things like a small bruise or a scratch mark, nothing that couldn't have happened while having a bad dream. I used to pray to God to protect Lauren from these dreams because she was getting hurt both physically and mentally. she grew very quiet and took to staring off into space. One day we were watching TV and I noticed her staring at me. When I asked her what was the problem she asked me if I believed in ghosts. I said, "NO, why?" and then she told me about the dreams shes been having.

She told me about a little girl who said she was our sister and she protected us from the evil man. My sister was just four at the time so it kinda freaked me out. It freaked my mom out too because she had lost a baby right before I was born. She thought that maybe that baby's spirit was protecting us. That night Lauren and I prayed to God to protect us from more dreams and bad occurrences that might happen. It worked, Lauren no longer had anymore night terrors and no more marks appeared on her body. We thought it was over, but it wasn't.

About ten years past and we moved into a new house. The house only had one previous owner and they left for financial reasons. When we moved in I noticed that the room that was supposed to be Laurens was a little bit cooler that the rest of the house. I thought that it was probably just the air conditioning wasn't circulating properly. There was this spot in the corner of my room that smelled really bad. It was just that spot. We pulled the carpet up and went into the wall but there were no dead animals or anything that could have been the source of the smell. Another thing, When you went into that corner, you turned numb, you can put your arm in there and your arm would feel like you just shot Novocaine up into it. It was really weird. Our rooms were right by each other. In the meantime, lights turned on and off, the TV changed channels, the radio's volume went up and down, and the phone rang at odd hours of the night. Thats when it happened.

My sister, her friend Lee, and I were sitting in the living room one day when our musical wreath started to play, it has one of those sensors so when something passes in front of it, a tune will play. Our cats, Socks and Sam, and our dog, Charlie, walked over to the wall where the wreath was and started acting really weird. The cats started to meow and rub their backs on the tile, and our dog stood on his hind legs and barked. We just sat and stared for about five minutes and then I went over to take the batteries out of the wreath because it was getting annoying. Thats when I noticed how cold the area was around it. My lips actually started to turn blue. When I turned the wreath over to take out the batteries, I noticed there were no batteries to take out. I totally freaked out and we ran out of the house. Since then whenever a friend sleeps over they wake up in the middle of the night to find me speaking German in my sleep when I don't know German and Lauren isn't really effected by any of this. She is just scared. It turns out that this happened to my older siblings in Georgia. Every now and then they will tell me about how Lynn used to speak languages in her sleep but when I was born she stopped, and Deniese used to have night terrors too. I don't know but maybe it is a spirit that follows the family around and the oldest or the bravest is visited by a ghost who speaks the languages and the youngest is attacked during the night terrors. I still speak languages in my sleep, My mother has counted about 5 that she recognized and a few that she didn't. Maybe this spirit is trying to communicate with the living through me. I don't know, why don't you tell me....

Kristin, Florida, USA
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