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Strange Occurrences in the Spare Room

S.P. Queensland, Australia
September 1998

It all started on a hot summers day, on the holidays when we were naturally bored out of our brains. One of my friends and myself were playing around with a makeshift Ouija board and at first we were getting few responses, but I assumed it was my friend moving the pointer. Then, things started to change.... the pointer started moving around and I told my friend to stop moving it, and she was generally scared. The pointer wasn't spelling words out , not in English anyway.... but we couldn't read it. We were really frightened. We abandoned the Ouija board in fright, and we thought that it was gone, over and done with, but we were wrong. After that day, the spare room had always been cold and I didn't like going in there. My grandma came to stay with us and she had to stay in there, and I told her about it. She laughed.... and didn't experience anything like I did. I began to think it was just an overactive imagination, until she left and the feelings came back.

My friend and I attempted another sense after a bit of research and got the same thing happening, so we figured what we called, had stayed. The feelings eventually followed me into my room and my touch lamp flickered every time the spirit was there. I always was feeling uneasy around this thing. I felt that it was young when it died and was playing with my mind. I had read all about how lower entities can play pranks and fear makes them more powerful... so I decided to face the thing. I stood in my room (after all attempts to bless and cleanse the room of course) and had another seance. The only thing I said to the whirling pointer was go away.. and leave us. I felt the presence was gone after that. If I can offer anyone some advice, it is that even having a Ouija board in the house is bad. Just having one can draw lower entities to it. I was just lucky that I didn't call anything REALLY bad to the house. It was foolish of me, and well don't make the same mistake. I have called many other things that were worse , and I just didn't want to scare anyone too much.

Sleep tight.

S.P. Queensland, Australia
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