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Strange Sounds

W.A. Australia
August 2000

These occurrences happened to me a few months ago, and are still happening to me. I share a room with my sister, and we finally decided to go through with our promise of renovating it. We had to clean, polish and paint everything. The room was such a mess that we couldn't possibly sleep in there so we decided to sleep in our living room. Everyone that ever lived in or visited my parents house swear that there is a presence in our kitchen area (which is connected to our living room. When in the living room one can see into the kitchen clearly. Also the kitchen is a large room with a table and a computer).

At night when everyone was fast asleep, including my sister who was sleeping on the couch (I was on the floor), I would constantly hear someone walking around in the kitchen. Though I couldn't see anyone in there! Plus I would hear them playing around with our computer, which was in the kitchen, they'd start clicking the mouse and hitting the keys. It seems pretty harmless and soon I had become accustomed to it. One night though I woke up to feel something incredibly cold touch my lips, I lay there frozen for a moment then called out my sister's name. As soon as I did that it went away. I told my sister what had happened and she laughed saying. "Oh the ghost kissed you." That kind of grossed me out actually. My sister let me sleep on the couch one night, but I couldn't get to sleep because I heard tribal music and singing voices.
It was beautiful, it reminded me of American Indian chants. I had to say out loud. "Can you please be quiet, I need my sleep." before it stopped. Once we moved back into our room I felt a bit more safe.

Though a few weeks later when a friend was staying over, something happened again. After me and my friend had turned off the lights I rolled over to get to sleep, I was still wide awake. I just began to relax when I felt a hand run up my body. I sat up straight away and checked on my friend, she was fast asleep. I laid back down and went to sleep okay, I didn't feel threatened by the ghost, I didn't get the feeling from it that it wanted to harm me. The next day I didn't tell my friend about it because I was afraid she wouldn't stay over again, but I told my sister. Occasionally I still get the feeling I'm being watched, especially when I'm by myself, on the computer and sometimes in the shower.

W.A. Australia
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