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Strange Stuff

New Jersey, USA
November 1999

Ihave always believed in ghosts and spirits and I've played around with Ouija boards and had mixed results. Nothing major has ever happened to me until lately.

I just recently moved into a new apartment down the Jersey shore. Nothing strange happened for the first week or so, but one day a friend of mine and myself were sitting around hanging out listening to a CD. I took the CD out of the player and put it on top of my stereo. I remember doing this vividly. We went out shortly after that to get a pizza. When I came back the CD was gone. We searched high and low for this thing to no avail. I figured it was one of those things.

Anyway, I woke up in the morning and it was sitting right where I left it the day before. There were greasy hand prints all over my phone as well. I immediately thought that someone must have a key to my place and was playing games with me. I changed the locks that day.

For about two weeks nothing else happened. Then one day I was by myself and starting feeling really, really bugged out like someone was lurking around the corner. Every time I would walk around a corner I would expect to see someone waiting there. This feeling would come and go, and sometimes it would happen at work. All my life I've never had any feelings like this before. The temperature fluctuates strangely too. Like one minute it's hot as hell, the next cold. I wouldn't open a window or turn the heat on or whatever. I thought I was going nuts.

What confirmed for me that there is something in my apartment was two days ago. I walked upstairs to my loft to use my computer. I had my pack of cigarettes and my lighter in my hand. I put them on the table and started up my PC. When I looked down to get a cigarette, they weren't there. I went downstairs and looked everywhere for them. I thought I was going friggin' bonkers over here. I looked around for about 10 min, gave up and went back upstairs and sure enough they were sitting right where I left them. Whatever is living here with me never comes around when my girlfriend is over, nor has it shown itself but something's going on here.

New Jersey, USA
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