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Strange Things

Texas, USA
April 2000

This covers a few experiences of mine, and I cannot say wether they are supernatural, or just my imagination. These happened in my early teens, when my parents and I lived in an apartment.

Most things happen in my bedroom. When you walk into my room, you can see my bed, window, and desk. One day, I decided to change the way I sleep, and face the window, so I can't see the door. Then things started going on. My parents are sound sleepers, and they don't ever talk in their sleep. One night, they went to bed before me, and I was lying in bed, still wide awake. Suddenly, I heard my Mom's voice clearly calling my name. I got up, and went to her, only to find both of my parents sound asleep. I woke them up, and none of us could explain it. This happens a lot.

Another time was, when my parents were in bed already, and I was awake in bed. I heard my door open and close. All I could do was lay there. I turned around to see who it was, but there was no one there. I went to my parents, and again they were asleep. This doesn't happen as much.

Our living room is adjoining to the kitchen, though you can't see the living room from the kitchen. One night, my mom was at her sister's house, and I was watching TV with my dad. He fell asleep soon, and I got up to do the dishes. After a few minutes, I felt like someone was watching me. I sorta turned my head, not all the way, just a tiny bit, and saw a dark man out of the corner of my eye. I fully turned my head and body, and he was gone. I ran to my dad, who was awaking from my screams. He tried to calm me, but I made him look everywhere. Reassured no one was there, I calmed down. Nothing ever happened to me after that, but I am still scared. If anyone wants to leave questions or comments, or anything, email me at Thanx for your time.

Texas, USA
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