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Strange Things From Sweden

Ingemar Wiklund, Sweden
November 2000


My name is Ingemar Wiklund and I'm teaching English in primary school in Sweden. Last week I copied some stories from your website and had the pupils writing some stories about supernatural things they had heard about or witnessed themselves. Several stories were obvious fakes, but some of them are stories that the pupils claim are true, and it?s those stories I submit to you now.


This story happened in 1992. In those days, I lived in the town ?rnsk?ldsvik at the coast in the northern part of Sweden. My former girlfriend and I had a really tough dog named Clarissa. She was a Belgian shepherd - a Teurverence, and could have been a real champion if it wasn?t for her bad temper and grave guardian instincts, which caused me sheer hell living in an apartment. On the other hand, one time she single-handed attacked two German shepherds that had escaped from their pen and attacked us in the middle of the night, and she won the fight. As I said, she was a tough dog!.

I owned a small mechanic workshop and beside was an old abandoned two storied building that had been owned by my family since late 17th century. Between 1921-1959 it was used as a hotel but after the death of my grandmother in 1978, it was more or less deserted. My father had been trying to rent out the rooms, but no one had been living there for a long time. The building had a bad reputation and people who had been living there complained about doors that opened by themselves, the sound of a crying infant and the feeling that someone was watching them.

This very night, I used one of the rooms as an office and I was writing on my computer. I had the door to the corridor open, since I was smoking cigarettes and the room lacked ventilation. It was about 11pm and Clarissa had been sleeping under the table when all of a sudden, the computer screen became blank. All the text was gone except the letters G.H. which I hadn't written. In that moment Clarissa ran against the door, showing all her teeth, her ears were back against her head and not barking but growling the way a dog does when a fight is inevitable. Then she jumped high in the air against a thing in the doorway, something that I couldn't see. It was as if she had aimed at the throat of a human. The human would have been at least 180 cm tall. She thumped into something in the middle of the jump and landed on the floor yelling. Then she ran into the corner behind the table, growling. The moment after, she jumped so she stood under my knees (everything had happened so fast that I was still sitting in my chair), and barked angrily several times before she attacked again.

This time, she tried two attacks. Both times she jumped high in the air and thumped into something that sent her yelling to the floor and after the second attack, she must have realised that whatever she tried to bite, it was to tough for her, so for the first (and the last) time in my life, I saw her leave me behind and running towards the entrance door to get out. All the time she sounded nearly as if she was crying. A strange sound from a dog!

I left everything as it was and followed her out, I didn't want to stay alone in the building. When I passed the doorway, nothing tried to stop me and nothing felt unusual.

From that day, I use to say that I have never seen a ghost myself, but my dog sure saw one, attacked it and was beaten by it.

The building has since been turned to gravel and it's now a parking lot . The community intend to build a rental house there and when my father (who grew up in that building) heard that he only said: "May god have mercy with the poor bastards that will live in that house". That is the only thing my father ever has mentioned about his childhood in that house, and after that night, I agree with him.

Ingemar Wiklund, Sweden
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