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Strange Woman

Utah, USA
April 2000

Iwork in a small office with one other assistant, her boss, and my boss, however both of our bosses are rarely in the office. The other assistant goes to school in the afternoons so from about 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. I am alone at the office.

Our office is in a small strip mall off of a busy street, but it is not a shopping center, so people don't come in off the street. Anyway, I was alone at the office one afternoon and a strange woman came in and asked if she could use our restroom and our telephone. I thought this was really strange and I was kind of scared since people never come in our office and I was alone. I also thought it was especially strange for someone to ask to use our restroom and phone. I was taken aback when she asked this, but I politely pointed her in the direction of the restroom. On her way back there she called me "An angel of mercy." I just kept thinking to myself how strange this woman was and kept praying she wasn't trying to pull something. She came out and I directed her to a telephone she could use. She was too far away for me to hear her conversation, but she talked for about five minutes. When she left she walked past my door and kind of waved her hand as she said "Thank you so much, God will shed many blessings on you" and she walked out the door. I walked to my window, which is about five feet from my desk where I was sitting, and looked out to see where the woman was going. To my surprise she was nowhere to be seen and she had walked out the door only ten seconds earlier. Was she some kind of spirit or had she just walked away extremely fast, although I don't know where she could have gone because our office is at the end of the strip mall and in front of our office is a parking lot. I don't know, you decide. .

Utah, USA
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