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Stuffed Bear Nightmare

Kenna, KS, USA
May 2001

This story is as told to me by a supervisor where I work. I'll call him Don. I have no doubts as to the credibility of Don's story, because he's definitely a no-nonsense type of guy. So on with the story.

Don was working at a boy's shelter during the time that his wife was pregnant with their son. During his work there, the shelter was being remodeled, and many things were being thrown out or given away. One of the things being gotten rid of was a huge stuffed bear. Not the kind you can buy in a department store either. This was a genuine, once-alive, stuffed bear. It stood a good seven feet tall, and it's arms were outstretched over it's head. Well, Don hated to see it get thrown out, so he offered to take it, thinking it would be perfect to use for decorating the nursery. Little did he know, the bear (or the demon inside it) had other plans.

Now I realize that some people might have different views, religious or whatnot, on these kinds of things, but this is what Don seems to think happened.

During the span of time that the stuffed bear was at the boys' home, which was probably years, it saw many troubled and hostile teens come and go. Somehow, a bad spirit attached itself to the bear and followed Don home.

Soon after the birth of their son, the baby started waking up crying in the middle of the night, like babies tend to do. The only difference here was that a lot of the time it would be for seemingly no reason at all. He wouldn't be wet or hungry, he'd just wake up crying. On one such night, Don't wife went to the nursery to check on the baby and try to rock him back to sleep. She sat down in the rocker, which was positioned in the opposite corner as the bear. As she was rocking their son, she happened to glance over at the bear. What she saw next scared her to death. The huge creature's head turned towards her as if to "watch" her and her son. She screamed in fear as the thing just "stared" at her. Seconds later, Don came running into the room.

"The bear!" she screamed.
At that moment Don turned towards the bear to see it's head move back into it's normal position. His blood turned to ice, but he knew what he had to do. He had to get it away from his family.

Don seized the bear and ran to the front door, literally throwing the thing into his front yard. Here's where the story gets even weirder.

The minute the bear was tossed out, Don's two dogs (who were the best of friends and never fought at all, and who were also sleeping soundly side by side) went at it, as if to kill each other. He seriously had to pull the dogs apart so they wouldn't fight to the death.

Did an evil spirit attach itself to the giant bear? And was it the possessed bear that was scaring the baby at night and caused the docile dogs to freak out? Don wasn't quite sure what had happened, but he DID make sure he burned the thing that night.

Still shaking in fright from the experience, he lit the match and tossed it onto the bear, and as he watched it burn, the flames grew unusually high...

Kenna, KS, USA
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