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Stupidity, An Awful Thing

Dus'n, Utah, USA
April 2006

A couple of friends and I were hangin' out one day and we found a Ouija board in one of their basements. It was really nice, not one of those mass produced plastic things, it was made of wood and had intricate carvings all around its base, like moons and stars and other cosmic stuff, I don't really remember it that well except they were very detailed and looked hand carved. We didn't think much of it at the time because we were black widow hunting (not one of our smarter ideas, but it was a rush when we found one). I'd also like to say that we don't drink, do drugs, or anything that would mess with your mind like that. Day turned to night and we had given up our hunt and started playing X-Box. We got bored shortly after. So one of my friends decided to go the board.

When he brought it back I swear it had grown at least a foot in all directions from the last time I saw it (not important, it just intrigued me). Anyway we went on to ask it stuff and nothing happened, so my other friend went to his computer and looked up some ancient druid chant to open some vortex thing. I don't know the specifics, no one else went with him. All he did was print out what we were supposed to say, it was mostly just weird word combinations and a few summoning phrases I can't remember. This was almost a year ago, I do remember feeling pretty silly going through with it. This I remember clearly though, the same friend who got the paper all of a sudden asks for it to give us a sign. Of all the stupid things to do... well I was very upset with him, but he defended himself by saying that's what the site told him to do. As it turns out it said not to ask for a sign or anything else like that. It even put it in all caps and bolded, too.

Well after that he was pretty embarrassed, but nothing happened for about a half hour. So we just gave up ghosts for the night (our attention spans couldn't handle nothing happening for that long). Later we got back on the X-Box and started playing, I think it was Halo when we heard my friend's parents get home, it was about 9 pm, about an hour early. So he decided to go into the garage and jump out when they got out of the car. Well he waited about 10 minutes just sitting there before he decided to look out a window and no one was there. While he was looking he heard about two inches from his ear someone smacking their lips like they had dry mouth and were preparing to speak. When he spun around there was no one there, which is about when he came walking back to the basement at a very brisk pace.

While we were down there we heard a number of doors slamming and knocks over our head like someone was kneeling and punching the floor over and over. Which doesn't sound that scary, but it was the most frightening experience of my life. Then some guy started screaming bloody murder down the hall from us in the basement. When I looked down the hall I saw what looked like a transparent hunchback limping toward us. The way he was moving was not like a normal person would, it was like a glitching computer, he would "jump" forward, backward or to a side, then back to his normal place again. It was just strange. After this I ran faster than my legs could take me out of his house, forgetting my friends until I stopped across the street and noticed they were right behind me. I guess they didn't see the guy, but when they saw me running they felt like they were snapped out of a trance.

After that nothing major happened in his house and I was only in his basement long enough to move the TV and X-Box upstairs. It might have been the chant but I am almost sure it was his invitation that provoked it.

Dus'n, Utah, USA
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