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Suicide Couple

Manraj, South Australia
August 1997

This experience happened to my father indirectly i.e. it happened to a couple of his coursemates years ago in the 60s when he was doing law in London.

As everyone knows, England is full of hauntings and this experience is no exception. My dad stayed in a hostel somewhere in London during the duration of his course. The hostel was reputed to have been haunted. One night, a couple of his friends (one of whom has gone on to become a high court judge in Malaysia) had come back late after a night on the town. They said their goodnights and adjourned to their separate rooms. One of them was to have the shock of his life. He snuggled into bed but found it hard to sleep as there were voices coming form next door. That was fine because it was a weekend night and the guys often brought their girlfriends over. So, he dismissed it and tried to go back to sleep. However, the voices started becoming more distressed anguished. He realized that the voices were not coming from next door but from his balcony landing. But the entrance was shut and no one could possibly be there. He strained his ears and heard that a young couple were planning to kill themselves by jumping over (the room was a few stories up). He was freaked out and ran to his mates room. He was in shock and told his friend the story. The friend let him bunk the night in his room. Now, in the friend's room there was a tennis racket hanging on a nail on the wall. During the night, the racket fell down with a huge thud and woke both men up. It was as if there was a mini earth tremor. Understandably both men were upset.

The next morning, the guy with the haunted room immediately went to see the principal and demanded a new room. No questions were asked and he was granted one straight away. The principal said that the room was haunted because a couple had killed themselves there by jumping down many years ago. The thud later on in the night can be explained by the impact when they hit the ground.

Manraj, South Australia
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