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Suited Men and Clinking Walls

February 2003

When my Grandfather bought the house he lives in now it was a "dog" for lack of a better word. Day in and day out he worked on the house fixing it up to the shape it is in now.

Every once in a while he would encounter a man in a white suit who would just calmly walk through the house, usually to the upstairs rooms like it was his normal routine. It scared him but he never bothered to do anything until one day when my grandmother and grandfather were sitting on the couch watching the television. Instead of the ghostly man they would hear banging on the wall which was covering the space underneath the stairs. BANG, BANG, BANG was all the two heard while watching their game shows. It bothered them, well who wouldn't be bothered by that, so he got up and screamed at the top of his lungs "What in the name of the Lord do you want?! If it is my life, go ahead and take it, but if not then go away and leave us alone!". From that day forward he never heard any banging and wasn't visited by any ghosts again.

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