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Summer '03

Meg, Massachusetts, USA
December 2003

Every July, I go to Penn. for my annual family reunion. I'm going to tell you some information before I start:
The house I stay in is old, creepy, creaky, and very old fashioned. It's a medium sized 2-story farm-house sitting on a 30+ acre farm. My brother, dad, three uncles, and I sleep in here. Every kid that attends is petrified of even going in the hose let alone sleeping in it. I sleep on the first room on the left, well the first room on the top of the stair case. The room has a chest, bench, a queen-sized bed, and a desk with an oval mirror attached to it.

Okay, to the story.

Every night there I spent, I'd say goodnight to four of my deceased family members. (This is 2 months after my wonderful Aunt lost her battle with breast cancer, a year after my two great-uncles lost their battle with cancer also, and like 15 years after my grandmother died.) I was still awake, but I was really close to falling asleep. I was thinking of the people I said goodnight to.. how I missed them all very much.

I closed my eyes, I felt someone holding my hand. A nice affectionate squeeze then it faded away. I immediately opened my eyes, no one was there. I wasn't making this feeling up to freak myself out, or making it up to get attention. I felt that someone wanted to tell me that they were still with me. I wasn't scared though, I felt happy. Who ever it was, thank you, it made me feel good.

Meg, Massachusetts, USA
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