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Summer of 02'

Thorn, OH, USA
October 2003

It may have all started in August last year, around the time when my birthday was nearing...The first incident, the one I believe started it all, was the only happening that I was absent from.

A few of my friends, Luna, Steph, Holly, Sam, and Shelby, decided to have a little seance in Luna's backyard. I was told of it later on. I guess what happened is this; they were able to call up some spirit or demon, a male for certain, and were speaking with it. He was pretty crude and vulgar from what I understand. But then they were interrupted by a loud noise. The shed behind Luna's house had unmistakably been hit...But there was no one around to have done it and gotten out of sight soon enough and there were no objects on the ground. Nothing could have been thrown. They were startled into breaking the circle before they could dismiss the spirit they'd called.

We tried to get rid of it soon afterward, because strange things were beginning to happen. Steph reported kitchen knives doing things they shouldn't, and Luna and I witnessed moving rock piles, though these were only a few things. This time around, I was present but Shelby was not...We were hoping it would work anyway. We were able to talk to the spirit again, where I heard first-hand the foul language the others had described, and each of us at one point or another felt hand upon our shoulders, arms, necks, and legs. Not a good thing -- it meant he was outside the circle and could do us physical harm. In any case, to make a long story slightly shorter, he ended up pulling Sam from the circle, breaking it once again. Mission failed.

However, things seemed to return to some level of normality for awhile. During which time we took up the habit of visiting the graveyard down the street. A normal teenage activity, right?

One day Luna and I went alone. We noticed that as we walked down the paved path, we would hear the sound of something falling onto the path behind us. But it would stop when we stopped. And it would begin again as soon as we started walking again. We turned to look and there we saw a series of pebbles, perfectly aligned, tracing the way we had walked. Strange enough on it's own, we could find no place where the pebbles could have come from...That same day, the two of us decided to poke around the old tomb vaults -- they had some holes in the doors. We were both peering into the dark crack when suddenly we jumped away, startled and simultaneously. We had both seen it. A pale white face had appeared slowly from the shadows within.

We decided to go home.

We were increasingly ebbed by the feeling of being watched or followed, and odd shadows would show up in photographs...But nothing monumental happened until Luna's birthday party rolled around... It started out innocent enough, but when the sun went down, things got weird. I'm sure you understand how young'uns are...We were still willing to play around with fire even after it had burned us once. We decided to play a little game of 'Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board' after we'd played 'Sandman' and other such things. We were fascinated to find out that it worked...But then when we lifted Steph, she freaked out and claimed that she'd seen the cliche bright light, and heard her deceased grandmother calling to her. We'd lifted her a little too far, I guess.

We all went for a walk after that. Nighttime strolls around the block was a routine activity for us, you could say. But as we neared the park, we stopped in our tracks. A man wearing a hat and trenchcoat stood calmly in the shadows, watching us. It was pretty freaky, as anyone who has seen the movie 'Jeepers Creepers' would understand. We didn't think twice about running. But Holly, who had lagged behind, wanted to see for herself, so I went back with her. The man was no longer there, but at the far end of the street -- too far for a human to have run in the short time I was gone. He was turned toward us and waving his arms in the air. Holly and I caught up to the others and we went back to Luna's house.

There, we were faced with more strange events, but they're not worth taking up more space and time right now...But one thing is worth mentioning, ever since that night, we've been able to see a creepy black beam off away beyond the trees...It's like a searchlight beam, but shadow instead of light...

Well, that's all for the summer of 2002, but I've got plenty of other tales to tell....

Thorn, OH, USA
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