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Summerville Light (2)

Brian S. and Bob F. South Carolina, USA
January 1999

In Summerville, South Carolina, USA there is a famous ghost of a man that roams with his light every night. Here is the story before our experiences.

Back in the 1800s there used to be train tracks in place of a road. Every night there was a man who would wait patiently by the tracks for the train. Well, one night the train was running late and he laid his head down on the tracks to listen for the train and the train came along and ran over his head. Well, the story goes that he now walks the road every night searching for his lost head and swinging his lantern. The lantern is the only thing that can be seen about him.

My friends and I weren't really sure as to if this was true or not so we decided to go back to the road and find out. We all piled into my truck and went back there.

Around midnight we were driving down the road when my friend looked behind us and said, "There it is!" So I stopped the truck put it in park and looked behind us and sure enough there was a light directly behind us about thirty feet back. I then put the truck in gear and proceeded to go as fast as possible to get out of there. Evidentally it didn't want us to leave because on the way back it appeared in front of us about twenty feet away. So, now we were getting scared, I wasn't sure as to what to do. Then it disappeared and I went as fast as I could to get out of there.

Many people have said they have seen it but their stories are always a little bit different.

Brian S. and Bob F. South Carolina, USA
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