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Supernatural Occurrences

Mary, OK, USA
July 2007

I have had so many things happen to me in my life. It's amazing that I survived all of these incidents without losing all of my sanity.
The first experience I remember happened to me when I was about 5 years old. I remember waking up in the middle of the night in my grandma's house (we lived out in the country with no indoor plumbing.) I really needed to use the bathroom (an old coffee can). I raised up to go and when I did I saw the glowing figure of an old man. Needless to say, I did not go to the bathroom. I told my grandma about it the next day and she asked me all kinds of questions about it. Apparently, the figure was my step-grandpa. He had died a few years after they bought the property.

The second incident happened when I was 6 years old.

I was staying with my aunt and uncle in a town called Woodward. I remember being outside with my grandma and my cousin next to the garden. My grandma and cousin were standing in the garden and I was standing out by the fence and the gate. My uncle had kept a hatchet stuck in the fence for some reason. Well, they wanted to water the plants but the hose was stuck under the gate. So I volunteered to move the hose and while I was doing so the hatchet lifted up and came cart-wheeling down towards me. It landed about an inch from where I was squatting down. I never went near the fence again after that. It's just amazing the kind of things that seem to happen when I'm around.

There are many more stories that I have but it would take too long to tell them all. I do have one that happened about 8 years ago.

My mom, sister and I used to take long drives during the day because we had nothing else to do. Well, we were driving around some very old back roads here in Oklahoma (the southern part). Eventually we came up to an old abandoned house that was on government land. My sister and I got out (mom refused to do so) to look around. Anyway, we had to climb through an old barbed wired fence to get to the house. That should have been my first clue that there was something wrong. We go into the house and all of a sudden I feel this powerful, evil presence following me. My sis said that she felt it too, but I don't think that she did because she would have ran out screaming. Whatever was in that house did not want us there.

Everywhere I went that presence followed. After about 5-10 minutes of exploring we left in a hurry. I still felt that presence near me after about 2 hours. Every once in awhile I still can feel it.

I am now the mother of one and will be the mother of two at the end of the year. I sit and watch my son and he sees the things that I cannot, but I feel their presence. I think that it may be some of my loved ones, but I am not certain.

Just a couple of months ago before we found out that I am pregnant again, he pointed up to my ceiling and said 'baby sister' plain as day. I almost fell off the bed.

Well, those are my stories. I hope that you the reader will enjoy them because I now have a serious case of the willies.

Thank you for reading my experiences.

Mary, OK, USA
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