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Surprise Visit

June 2003

I had a nephew who had been the victim of a bad fall ( off a bridge...about 30 ft onto concrete). He was badly injured and suffered brain damage as a result of the fall.

He had a very long period of rehab, 5 yrs to be precise, and in that time we became very close. He was always very affectionate and told me many times how much he loved me and that he wished me the very best in life. He often remarked that he wasn't going to be around long and that he wanted to spend more time with me. I had no belief that he'd die as we'd seen him come out of intensive care and he had improved immensely.

He had a turn for the worse and ended up in a special care unit because he was a danger to himself. He wrote to me asking me to visit him and telling me that he wanted to spend some time together. I wanted to go but kept putting it off telling myself that I had plenty of time. On the day I received the letter, I was rushing for work and stuffed it into the glove compartment of my car intending to read it later.

Three weeks later approx, I was called by my sister. She (his mother), told me he'd been rushed to hospital following a fit that he'd not recovered from. He was in intensive care and she told me she had been told that it didn't look very good. I reassured her, telling her it would be alright. I was unable to go and see him though as I'd just taken a sleeping tablet. I decided I'd catch up with him the next day after work.

During the night, I was awoken by his voice. I thought about it and told myself I was dreaming.

The next day I went to work, but while I was at work I was overcome with terrible grief. I tried to explain to the client who I was erecting a fence for, that my mind wasn't on the job and that I was sorry for suddenly breaking down, and I had no rational reason for it other than that I was worried that my nephew was ill.

I excused myself and told her I was going to get some lunch. I sat in my car and looked at my watch. 12 o'clock. Midday.
I started the engine and was about to drive off but the car suddenly stopped. I noticed something fall from the glove compartment and picked it up to put it back. It was my nephews letter. I opened it to discover that it also contained a poem that he'd written. It was written in such a way that it came across as saying goodbye, and telling me that I'd get what I wanted in life. I was alone in silence, and in that moment, I was really with him.

I started the car and drove home. I called my sister and got no answer. I called all answer.

Later, I got a call. It was my Brother in law telling me that my nephew had died at midday. The exact time I read the letter.

Later that night, I was on the phone to a friend and I was obviously very upset, I suddenly felt that he had come to visit me. I was sitting in a dark room, and I mentioned..."I feel like he's here, but if he were here, I'm sure he'd make his presence known". As I finished saying that, I noticed something flutter across the room. I nearly jumped out of my skin, and leapt up to put a light on. I looked on the floor and discovered his picture had loosened itself from its grip on the wall, and it had fluttered across the room as it fell.

I felt this was proof enough.

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