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Sweet Dreams

Florida, USA
March 2001

This happened to me a few years ago, but I'll try to remember everything that happened as well as I can.

It was a normal night, just like any other night. I watched T.V. for about an hour before going to bed around 11 o'clock. I dream constantly, at least once a night, so this dream, or should I say nightmare, wasn't out of the ordinary.

This particular night I dreamt of a house. I had just purchased it because the owner and I were finishing up paper work. After I had moved in, I started noticing strange occurrences. Things would turn on by themselves and I would hear unexplainable sounds. Well, one night I was tired of it and I told whatever it was to leave me alone. Of course in a dream you can do brave things like that. So after I had told off the spirit, I think I may have used vulgar language, the spirit appeared I front of me and was not pleased, by any means. It reached out for me and then I woke up. Now, when I woke, I expected the nightmare to be over, but it was just the beginning. I looked in front of me and I could see a white blur. I though it was just my eyes trying to focus, but then something happened. My arms flew up in the air and then were pinned to my side. I was in shock! The it said to me in the most evil voice, "Don't you ever speak to me in that way again. Do you understand me? Never!" Then the upper part of my body was lifted up into mid-air. I could feel something holding me up by my wrists. I couldn't move or cry out for help. I was paralysed. It seemed like minutes had gone by and I was still being held up, staring at this white form. Finally, I was able to get out a few words, "I'm sorry". My voice was so soft that I could hardly hear myself. "I'm sorry", I said again. Then it was almost as if I had been cut from two ropes around my wrists, and I fell back to my bed. I lay in my bed paralysed once more. I couldn't even shut my eyes, for the fear that it may come back for me. About an hour passed and I could see a light turn on in the kitchen. It took all the strength and courage that I had in me, but I shot up out of my bed and ran to the kitchen. My mother had got up for a drink, and I ran crying and screaming to her. It was almost a month until I could get the courage to sleep in my room again, but even then I still was afraid to close my eyes.

Thankfully, I haven't experienced anything like that since, and I hope I never will. Thank you for reading this story.

Florida, USA
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