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Sweet Dreams?

July 2003

This is not really my experience, but a kind friend's experience who suffers from this dream. I wouldn't know if this is a ghost from the past telling her this, but it seems pretty odd. This story will be in "Dream Form", the way it happened.

An eleven year old sat in the audience of a talk show. The talk show was giving warnings to the audience about a murderer. "Most of the victims have been twelve year old girls with short, blonde hair and blue eyes."

A grandma, who was tuning in on the radio, listened very carefully. She just got back (with her four grandchildren) from the a camera store. In an odd event, the video camera broke after she bought it, but since it was late, she wouldn't bother that day to return it. The grandma slowed down as it started to rain. She turned her gaze to the right and could not believe what she saw.

A little girl who met the description was waving a bloody sign that read "Help me". She kept screaming and screaming. The girl didn't even look alive, but dead! The grandma got a strange feeling that she should report this, picked up the camera, and began to somehow film the dead girl. But wasn't the video camera broken?

The next day, the grandma turned in the video to the talk show. The eleven year old returned the next day to see what happened. She felt drawn back to the talk show. The talk show host popped the video in a large T.V. to show viewers watching everywhere. But...the sound seemed to be broken and no one could hear anything. They turned it up and listened. The eleven year old girl could now hear the girl clearly, but they kept turning up the sound. "Stop! I can hear her loud and clear!" the eleven year old cried, but they kept turning it up. The lights began to flicker and finally shattered. Everyone in the audience screamed, but the loudest was the eleven year old.

That night, the grandma and her four grandchildren were found dead in their home. It seems that the murderer didn't want that girl with the bloody sign taped.

Again, the eleven year old returned to the audience. This time, she felt even more drawn. Everything seemed to go smoothly, until the eleven year old girl heard the dead girl's whisper. "You need to get the police to catch the murderer... He's still out there, killing innocent girls..."

Well, that was my friends dream. In case you're wondering who the eleven year old is, well, that's my friend. Why did she have that dream? Did that or will that awful dream come true?

Thanks for reading this -^.^-

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