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Sweet Grandpa

Dan Cutler, MO, USA
September 1998

All of us out there have experienced a close one dying. I am no exception unfortunately. When I was 11 my grandfather became ill and I was very close to him so I stayed at the hospital day in and day out. He went in for heart complications and was not expected to make it. My birthday was coming up January 6th and he promised me that he would be there. Although I knew that he was much too sick to be released I still had the hope that he would be there. The day before my birthday he caught pneumonia and started to deteriorate fast. I went to the hospital before we had my party and he still told me that he would be there and I just smiled and told him id be waiting. Later on that night we got the call that he had passed and it hurt so bad but I knew he was going someplace without the pain so that comforted me a little. At exactly 11:15 I was laying in bed and I was thinking of the times that I had spending the weekends with him when I saw a haze forming by my T.V. At first I thought the t.v was on fire but I smelt no smoke. All of a sudden there was my grandfathers face appearing slowly but for some reason it didn't scare me at all. It was more comforting than anything. When I sat up he was looking so healthy and happy and I started to say something to him and he interrupted me and just said one thing "Happy birthday buddy". I never told my grandma or anyone about my experience because I was afraid that they would think I was lying or seeing things. People cant believe anything until they see it and I am a believer. I am now 20 and I still think my grandfather looks over me all the time and possibly even serving as my guardian angel. The reason I believe this is because I have been in 3 life threatening car accidents and have made it through all 3 with just minor bumps and bruises. I just wanna say that no one is alone out there and that you always have someone looking after you at all times.

Dan Cutler, MO, USA
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