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Sweetmans Road

June 2001

This story is a long one and I apologize but please read on because this really happened.

Approximately 10 years ago my friend and I rented a large farm house at the end of a dirt lane, the next house being about 1 kilometre away.

Looking back with hindsight we shouldn't have moved in because the house just didn't feel "right" when we first checked it out.

We wanted it because it was really cheap at AU$60.00 per week!

Its hard for me to recall all the stuff that happened in order but the first thing was I was talking to my mother on the phone and there was suddenly this loud noise in my ear (not the ear the phone was against) like a farty sort of noise! Don't laugh this is true! My mother said "What was that?" So she heard it too. I thought nothing more of it.

We got 2 young cats about a week after we moved in and one night siting on the couch in the lounge room we watched the cats suddenly hiss and spit at a point in the room both of them at the same time. Now that was spooky, both of us agreed!

Things would go missing especially the house keys, you would swear that you left the keys on the kitchen bench when you came in, and when you went to grab them they would be gone. Many times we had to leave the house unlocked when we went out. The keys would always turn really stupid places where you'd know you would never leave them.

Once they were missing for days, we could not find them anywhere! They turned up by chance when my friend was tidying up his clothes in the cupboard and they fell out of a pair of trousers that he hadn't worn since I'd known him.

By this time we were aware that there was something else in the house besides us and the cats. Ill tell you a bit more about the was always icy cold, in all the rooms, not just one in particular that most haunted houses seem to have.

There were skanky smells that you couldn't work out where they came from or what caused them (we always looked for a feasible explanation).

This stuff went on all the time for about 6 months, then it started getting more intense.

We heard the guitar in the lounge room get strummed one night (we were in bed). One of my girlfriends got followed out to the toilet and she heard the footsteps, this seemed to drive it home to us that it wasn't our imagination.

One day I was alone at the house and I had to stay outside all day because the atmosphere was so intense inside, and I felt it staring at me through the window. I couldn't go anywhere because I didn't have the car and we were about 20 kilometres from civilisation and I wouldn't tell the neighbours what was happening.

I heard its voice several times, it used to mumble but you couldn't understand was a voice in the same room as me yet a long way away (I know that doesn't make sense but its the only way I can describe it)You might be wondering by now why we hadn't moved out, I wonder too. After I began hearing it, it would grab me when I walked through a particular room, by my shoulder or my ankle, it didn't do this to my friend, it didn't do this very often either. All this time there was little white balls of light that you'd catch in the corner of your eye, flitting across the rooms mostly when the main activity was going on. We both witnessed one of these flitting over one of our cat's back and tail and the cat was making an awful yowling noise.

Even though all this stuff was happening we weren't terrified which I now think was weird.

It dictated what music we could play, my friend liked Metal but if he played it, it would be like a dark cloud would descend on the room and you'd have to turn it off because the atmosphere would become so bad. It was only my friends music that seemed to upset it, I played a lot of Trance/Techno stuff and nothing ever happened with that.

The crunch came when one day I was washing dishes at the sink, my friend was outside. It had been quiet for about 2 days (after it did anything significant it would go quiet for a couple of days) anyhow, I was washing up and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone come into the kitchen and stand by the pantry which was about 5 meters behind me, thinking it was my friend I said something and on not getting a response I turned around and standing there was the figure of a man that was really tall and thin and solid grey but I saw no features like eyes etc I yelled for my friend and the man turned and moved toward the hallway and my friend ran in and turned white because he saw it too (thank God). I said "thats it, I cant live here anymore" my friend said "ok we'll stay with my parents until we find somewhere else". I wanted to go then and there but my friend talked me into staying that night and we'd leave in the morning and we thought that it would be ok because it would surely go quiet for a couple of days after that incident.

The rest of the afternoon and evening the house was deathly still-too still. We went to bed and we were reading and I said that I was going to sleep and suddenly the light went off. This was not too unusual because the power went off quite often due to possums shorting out the power poles. The light flicked on again then off again, I looked out the window to see if the neighbour's power was out wasn't...we were in the dark and my friend said slowly and quietly "turn the light on" and to my dismay it came on and I heard the switch go "click", we just sat there frozen. The light went off again and again my friend said "turn the light on".. on it came "click" then "click" off..."turn the light on!" he said and the most awful thing happened, it went ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF and we could hear the switch being flicked on and off, while this was going on I was about to run out of the place in my underwear but my friend calmly got a torch and said "get dressed, we're going. Somehow we got dressed with the light being flicked on and off and left the house, when I turned to look at the bedroom from outside it was dark and the flicking had stopped.

We only came back to get our stuff in daylight with a few helpers and it was hard to go inside to get my belongings, especially from the bedroom.

I rang the Real Estate agent to say that we'd moved out which was fine because we weren't bound by a lease.

Weeks later my brother went up to the place to go shooting down the back of the property which was bush and he said that some people had moved in, he went to the front door to tell them that he was shooting down the back so they would not be startled to hear gunfire. A man answered the door and my brother explained what he was doing and as he turned to go he said in passing "anything weird been happening around here?" The man apparently grabbed him and said "Why!! What happened to you??!!" "Oh nothing" said my brother which I think was mean of him and he should have warned them.

Only about 6 months ago I drove with my mother up to the house just to see if it had hasn't changed one bit and I got an awful feeling just looking at it from the gate.

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