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Talking With The Dead

J.S, Victoria, Australia
January 2005

I only vaguely remember this happening to me as I was young, but my mum told me about it not long ago. When I was about 5 or 6. I was sleeping in a hundred year old bed which has alot of history. It was about the same height as a hospital bed.

Anyway, I started talking to a young man at night time when I was in bed. My parents had separated by this time and my mum was curious who I was talking to, as no-one was in the room with me. She disregarded the whole incident as she thought maybe I was playing with dolls or something. Then it happened again. And soon I was having conversations with this man every night before I went to bed.

My mum eventually asked who the man was. I told her it was someone who had died a long time ago. She was confused and worried and asked me to not talk to this man again. I remember waking the next night and seeing him just standing by my bed. It may sound strange but he was really pale and had a white glow around him.

I don't remember what our conversations were about but I think he was an angel. The next morning I woke up in hospital. I had rolled out of bed and cracked my skull open. Perhaps the man had come to warn me. It was a very serious injury and I was lucky to have not been more seriously injured.

I think that kids are more open minded and maybe thats why he came to me as a child. Adults tend to be alot more skeptical and don't believe in 'ghosts.'

J.S, Victoria, Australia
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