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Tall Man

July 2000

My experience happened one morning at about 1:00 a.m.. I was watching a late night T.V. show while I was in bed. Let me tell you now that my side of the bed is near the window and the door to my room is on the other side of the room. The T.V. is on my side of the room. Now as I was watching this program which is a comedy when I suddenly noticed a tall man standing right beside me. I thought someone had broken into my home. I tried to scream to wake my husband but nothing came out, I was terrified. I then noticed another man on the same side of the bed going back and forth from room to room looking at the first man like "aren't you going to tell her"?. But then I closed my eyes and opened them again and they were gone. I got out of bed and checked all the doors and they were all still locked and you have to lock them from inside or with a key.

The first man had a thigh-length, long, black, wrinkled coat that was buttoned all the way to the neck. This is the first and last time I have seen these men but we (my neighbors and I) have all had odd happenings in or about or homes.

Thank you for reading my true story.

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