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Tattletale Spirit

May 2000

When I was about 5 years old, my family and I lived in Wise County, Virginia... a mountainous, coal-mining region near the border of West Virginia and Virginia. My parents were somewhat new to the area, and didn't have enough money to buy a decent sized house (they are both doctors, and had just set up their respective practices), so my parents and I lived in a dingy apartment complex at the top of a small mountain. The apartment itself was small, dark, and damp, and to this day, my mother and I always remember the uncomfortable feeling the apartment gave us. But perhaps that's beside the point.

In any case, a few things occurred in that apartment that to this day, I still wonder about. I will only mention MY experiences, however.

One day, my mother and I were at home alone. It was evening, and I was upstairs in my room playing, while my mother was in the kitchen fixing dinner. I remember that the lights were off in my room, and I was sitting on the floor next to my closet. I guess I was so engrossed in my games, I hadn't noticed that the sun had set, leaving me playing on the carpeted floor in semi- darkness. But what happened next quickly got my attention. As I was playing, a coin bounced smack off my forehead and plopped onto the carpet in front of me. I was sitting next to my closed closet, and wasn't near any dressers or tables, so I don't believe the coin could have fallen off one of these and hit me on the head. What I do remember is that the coin had hit me as if it had been thrown from across the room. The impact of the coin (nickel) hadn't hurt me, but had just startled me out of play-mode. I went downstairs and told my mother, who strangely enough, believed me, and told me to keep her company in the kitchen.

The next incident is by far the strangest one of all. But first, a little background. After kindergarten each day, one of my parents would pick me up and bring me to my dad's office, where I would hang out in the reception area with the secretary, "Amy". Since I spent quite a bit of time there, I got to know "Amy," and I considered her one of my friends. Amy was a newlywed in her early twenties, and seemed nice enough. Anyways, my birthday was coming up, so Amy stopped by the house one night to drop off a present she had gotten for me. Once again, it was only my mother and I in the house. I remember both of us answering the door. I clutched my mother's skirt as she and Amy conversed over my head. Suddenly I heard a voice in my mind. It's hard to describe, since I've never experienced anything like it since then, but it was as if somebody was whispering to me in my mind. Whispering is the only way I can describe it, because it was not an actual voice, but almost a shadow of a voice. In any case, I felt like the presence was female (even though I couldn't hear the actual register of the voice), and it was trying to tell me something important. "Amy is a thief," it said quietly. I distinctly remember looking around, even though I hadn't heard anything physically. After a moment of not being able to explain what it was, I decided to ignore whatever I had just heard. "Amy is a thief" I heard once again, a little "louder" and more insistent than before. It was as if whoever was speaking to me did not want me to ignore what was being said. I remember looking at Amy as she was conversing with my mother. She was smiling and laughing and looking completely innocent. No way, I thought to myself, is Amy a thief. I dismissed the strange mental message and didn't think about it.

About a week later, my father discovered that a large sum of money was missing from the petty cash box in the office. An investigation ensued, and it turned out that Amy had stolen the money and had spent it all. She was soon arrested, and of course, fired. When I found out, I remembered the voice, and it's insistent warning. I told my mother, and she believed me, though neither of us knows who or what whispered this message to me, a five-year-old girl.
A spirit who liked me perhaps? Maybe the same one who playfully threw the coin at my head? Who knows?

Thanks for listening.

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