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Telephone Call

Tracie A, CO, USA
September 2000

I have always been believer in spirits, all my life, that's how I was raised by my grandmother. So when anything weird or unexplainable happens I can credit it to spirits or ghosts or some other higher power. So here goes....

I have a goddaughter that is now 3 1/2 years old. Her mother has been my best friend for 11 years now. I'll call her "Lisa" When I first met her we were in 8th grade and her mother was still alive. A month later I moved about an hour away, only to move back after 6 weeks. Within that time her mother was killed in a car accident. I never got to meet her. And of course my Lisa's daughter never got to meet her grandmother. Her daughter's name is Angelica and she is a very smart little girl. She started talking at a year old and one of her favourite toys was a play phone. She carried it everywhere with her. When she was about two yrs. old I looked after her while her mom went to school and I noticed how she always seemed to be talking to someone on the phone. So I asked her who she was talking to. She replied "my grandma". Now, she doesn't call anyone grandma. Her dad's mother and father she calls "Nana and Pampo". Her mother's dad and step mom she calls "grampa and Mary". I had never heard her use the word grandma since she started talking! So I said "you mean Nana?" she said "no, my grandma" and got up and pointed to a picture of her that Lisa has on the wall. She doesn't know who this is because my friend didn't want to tell her until she was a little older so she could understand. I kind of let it go until her mom came home and I told her what had happened. So she asked her the same things, "who are you talking to? Don't you mean Nana ?" Jelly (that's what we call her) said the same thing as before. It was her Grandma. What we hadn't noticed was that the cats always came around Jelly when she was "talking to grandma". These were Lisa's mom's cats so they were really old, like 16 and 17 yrs. old, and they didn't like kids, especially Jelly, she loved to bother them all the time. So they mostly stayed in a bedroom. But when she was on the phone they would run up and purr, and rub against Jelly like she was their best friend. The cats were all Lisa really had left of her mom over time. And Jelly kept talking to her grandma on the phone and would tell her mom "grandma says she loves you". She doesn't talk to her as much now, maybe once a month.

I'm sure eventually she will outgrow it. Because I believe that children and animals have the best ability to communicate with the "other world", because they don't judge others or believe things conditionally. They just know.

As a footnote though, when I was work writing this, (I work in a call center to call our customers) A call came up with the business name "Superstitious Roofing", and gave me the goose bumps. I think it was Lisa's mom having some fun with her daughter's best friend. Shame on you!

Tracie A, CO, USA
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