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Telephone Nightmare

West Yorkshire, England
January 2001

This happened just the other week and people may think that its not much to talk about, but, I haven't slept the same since.

My girlfriend (Laura) has been staying with me at my house in England, West Yorkshire for about 18 months now, on and off. Well Wednesday of last week she had to go back to Leeds and stay at her flat as she had to be up early so she could see her local GP at the Doctors as she had a chest infection. She left me at about 5:30pm (GMT) on her way along the motorway to Leeds. Due to the traffic being so bad, she didn't get back to her flat till around 7:15pm GMT, which is a long time to be sat in traffic. I received a call on my mobile phone at around 8:30pm and it was Laura. She sounded very distressed and said she thought someone was in the flat, which scared me stiff because on a traffic less motorway, it would still take me around 45 minutes to get to her. I didn't let on about my thoughts and told her that she was just being silly as she did say the door had been locked all the time since she got home.

There were no windows open and her flat is on the 5th floor of a high rise building in whats virtually the centre of Leeds. I then said, just to put your mind at rest check the rooms in your flat and cupboards, under beds etc but not to hang up and leave me on the other end. She did so and I could her her opening, closing doors, wardrobe doors and even the cupboards in her small kitchen. She came back to the phone and her exact words were "I need to get out of here, I am being watched and I don't like it, I don't want to be here anymore." She said this 2 or 3 times repeating herself. I didn't know what to say to her. This was very, very out of character for Laura. I told her to hang up and I would call her back in 5 minutes, she couldn't understand why I wanted to do this but I just asked her to trust me. I called her back and she was already filling an overnight bag to come back to my place. I said that I would stay on the line while she finished. She came back 2 or 3 minutes later (to the phone) and said she was ready to go. Seen as though it was my phone bill rising (and work pay it anyway) I asked her to leave the phone off the hook and go get in the car and come back to mine. She said okay and I reassured her the best I could. She still couldn't understand why I wanted to leave the phone off the hook. We said our goodbyes , I love you and all the rest of it, I heard her open the door, shut it, lock it again, I could even hear her first steps down the stone steps as the phone is on a little table just inside the front door. I must have been waiting on the line for about 5 minutes trying to hear if there was a burglar or anything at all out of the ordinary, just when I was about to give it up and hang up my mobile the line..................went dead.!!!!!! Something or someone put the phone down in her flat. My stomach just dropped, the same feeling you get when you see a your gonna get a smack in the face. I was shocked, I still haven't told Laura what happened, as I went to the flat the next day to get the rest of her things and the phone was hung up. I got her stuff and came away.

I know that its not a special scary story but it has affected the way I think forever. I even called BT and asked them if there was anyway it could have gone dead on its own, but they said no, this was underlined when I got to her flat and the phone was hung up.

I have only told one person and they didn't believe me, hopefully one of you out there will have faith in me and maybe able to give me some sort of explanation of what happened. I have even considered going to the town hall and trying to find out the history of the building as is isn't that old, as far as buildings go anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read my story, its my first ever experience and hopefully my last.

West Yorkshire, England
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