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Tell Her I Love Her

Texas, USA
April 1999

Ihave been visiting your site for awhile and debated on whether or not I should submit the following story. I chose to simply because I want to give an example of the fact that not ALL those who have passed before are out to get us.

My story starts when I was younger 5 or 6 I grew up in the country out in west Texas, out there your nearest neighbor could be several miles away. I lived with my mother in a house a few yards from my grandmothers home. Every since I could remember my grand mother took care of my great grandmother.

Well growing up out there there was nothing to do but explore. There was a man who lived behind us named John, who raised cattle on his land. Every so often I would talk with him when he was at the fence. He had apparently lived out there for a while and knew where the best berry bushes, fishing holes etc. were. One day while we were talking he said. "Go tell Val I love her." I knew that was my great grandmothers name, and she had been sick for about a week by that time.

I went to my grandmothers house and she was in my great grandmothers room talking. I walked in and did not think anything of it when I said. "John told me to tell you he loves you." I regretted it as soon as I said it because Mayma started crying and my grandmother sent me out of the room. When things settled down grandma came into the living room where I was waiting and asked who John was. I told her it was the man who lived behind us. She seemed a little startled and asked what he looked like. I found it hard to describe him and as I started looking around I saw a photo of him and this woman and said "Thats him" Grandma sent me out to play but I let the door close and went to the window and saw her crying.

I did not know what I had done wrong but Mayma got better and was in good health for the next few years. When I asked John if I made Mayma and grandma ma cry and he smiled and said no and I knew not to bring it up again. But a few years later Mayma got sick again (by this time she was 102) and once again John said "Go tell Val I still love her." For some reason I knew better than to question this and did as instructed. This time grandma cried and told me to wait in the living room, but as I closed the door I saw Mayma smile for the first time in months I knew everything was going to be alright.

As I waited in the living room the doctor came and the the Rev. Rev. Wright came out and told me Mayma had passed on and to go tell my mother. It was not till I was 20 and was in the process of moving out that Mayma's death was brought up. As I finished packing the last of my stuff my grandmother came in and set on my bed, I knew something was up. She asked me if I remembered the night Mayma passed on and I of course said yes. Then asked if my mom had ever told me what Mayma said and I responded "no". She smiled and said that the last thing Mayma said was to "Tell him John loves him to." And showed me the picture I had pointed at in Mayma's living room and said. This is a photo of mamas 50th wedding anniversary. And this was you great grand father" she pointed to the man in the picture" his name was John."

Texas, USA
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