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Temper Tantrum

March 2005

Hello fellow readers! I have always enjoyed reading everyone's stories and now I have one of my own (well my husbands really).

My husband Leo works as a self employed cleaner and was last week attending one of his usual places early in the morning. The place in question is an old house now used as a small practice for a child psychologist. Leo is often there on his own and has commented in the past that it is quite a sad place. I wouldn't be surprised given the current use for the premises.

Anyhoo, while walking down a fairly narrow yet very solid walled hallway, as most Victorian style residences have, a picture directly to his left LEAPT off the wall (I did question whether it "just fell" off and he assured me it didn't.) This of course struck him as odd but being the skeptic that he was just shrugged it off, put a note on it to apologise for the broken glass, placed it on the psychologists desk and carried on.

As he walked down the same corridor a few meters further from the last painting, the NEXT painting to his left again leapt from the wall. Leo quickly grabbed it before it hit the floor and said out loud "now stop it will you, I am just trying to do a job here".

As his wife, I would never believe that he would even consider haunting a possibility (he actually subscribes to the Skeptic's Society magazine) but stranger things can happen!

Thanks for reading.

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