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Terrible Noise

Zunaith, Chennai, India
October 2015

I am from Chennai in India. When I was 15, I studied in an matriculation school in Chennai. I was practicing ball badminton at evening. In the middle of my practice I heard some students are shouting, running and seems something wrong. Everybody running from new constructive building. I don't know what happened. I asked my friend.

He told that some terrible noise was coming in the new constructive building & a boy jumped from second floor from the new constructive building. But he was lucky by less wounded. He jumped into cement bags and ran away from school.

So we called father (Principal) immediately and told what happened. He took his holy cross and holy water to the new constructive building. Me and my friends followed him.

At the first floor we heard that terrible noise and laughter, we was following principal to the second floor. He said us to wait in first floor itself. We was frightened to hear the voice. He went to the second floor by praying and took holy water and cross, after 3 minutes he came down, he looked scared and he locked second floor door. He told to everyone to move from this new building. We went down immediately.

Me and friends were discussing what noise is that, maybe monkey or some animal. We left the day.

Next day father announced holiday to school. But me and my friends was eager to know what happened.

Next day we went to school. There are some police carrying a dead body. The priest, principal and teachers are praying inside school church. We didn't want to disturb them. So we went to the boy home, who jumped from the building. He was in severe fever and his body shivering. We asked him that why he jumped from building.

He told " I heard some voices that made me scared, I thought it was my friends are playing prank at me. I was asked Anybody there? There was no one. That voice repeatedly told him why you killed me. I followed the voice where it came from. But I saw something dark with 5 feet of men covered with sand & cement men talking and shouting loud, so it was coming near to me I was scared by seeing him and jumped from the building.

I came to school after a day of holiday and asked my favorite teacher what happened in that new building. He told that "a group of labors killed an innocent workmen in the building in the night time, so principal was shocked to see this men was covered with cement & sand in the second floor on that day."

After that the new building was demolished and made a playground there. But the voice can still hear by students playing at 6 pm.

Zunaith, Chennai, India
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