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Terrifying Childhood

Anonymous, VIC, Australia
December 2011

I’m nineteen years old and before my current residence, my family and I (mum, dad, two older sisters & I) used to live in a small suburban house, for about ten years. Apparently before us and the previous owners, a priest used to live in the house, whether that has any relevance, or brought spirits to the house, I’m not sure.

I’m not exactly sure when I first started seeing and feeling things, because I was very young, but I was constantly scared at night, and during the day there was always a feeling of being watched. I had frequent nightmares related to suffocation and also of rats and angry cats under my bed. I was wetting the bed to a later age because I was so scared to leave my bed and enter the darkness. I remember many nights, even during the heat of summer, I would have to have every part of my body covered with the doona, over my head, with just a small breathing hole, and I would have my fingers in my ears, even though holding my hands there until I fell asleep and the hot nervous sweating was uncomfortable and tiring. I just did not want to hear and see what was out there. I complained a lot to my mum, well rather, told her about how scared I was. But no one else really saw or felt anything, and thought I was just a silly girl afraid of the dark. But things unexplainable definitely happened to me!

One time when I was about nine, one of my sisters invited her friends over for her birthday sleepover in the dining room. The mattresses were laid out horizontally, one after the other, and I had a small mattress off to the side, at the end of their feet. The girl furthest away, on the edge of the group had been complaining that she was very cold, but no-one wanted to swap with her. To her empty side, was the hallway (the dining room and hallway were connecting rooms with no door). The one seater couches had been pushed out there. Anyway, Mum had sat on one of the couches until we fell asleep. I had awoken during the middle of the night, and saw a figure sitting there. I thought It must have been mum still there, so I called out a couple of times but started to realize it was something else. I believe the ghost must have just been wanting to look out for us.

Another time I was watching TV in my eldest sister’s room and fell asleep. My mum and other sister tried to wake me to get me into my bed, but couldn’t, so they left me there for the night. I awoke again in the middle of the night horrified to hear that our rocking chair was rocking. It couldn’t have been any other sound, and I knew exactly what it did sound like when used on the linoleum flooring of the hall. Never again had I allowed mum to let me fall asleep anywhere but my bed in that house.

My experiences in that house were not pleasant, and I still get highly emotional thinking about and sharing my stories. When I was fourteen and moved into our new house my mum still had to put me to bed and close my curtains for me, until I realised I no longer had the same problems here anymore. (Except recently it’s been happening again) I 100% believe there was some really nasty things in that house that effected me as a child, but that I can’t really explain. As a result I have a very damaged childhood, and a couple of stories that sound pretty stereotypical. To this day, ghosts still come to me. I’ve had experiences in other peoples houses where they say things to me in an inaudible language and apparitions occur. It’s very intriguing in a bitter sweet way!

Anonymous, VIC, Australia
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