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Terror on the Street

Anonymous, Kolkata, India
June 2017

This happened about 2 months ago. My family had to attend a wedding. So we got ready about 7 p.m. and decided to leave. we were just 4 people so we took our car to reach the place. we had a good time there with our relatives and friends. "I think we should leave now, you and your brother have school tomorrow" my dad said. So I said yes and we left for home.

We finally reached home. Everybody was exhausted and looked sleepy. I looked at my watch, it showed 11: 43 p.m. we slowly moved out of car, entered home and changed our clothes. My brother and parents fell to sleep quickly. I, on the other hand watched TV for a while and when I was about to go to bed, I realized that I left my cell in the car. I didn't want to disturb my parents so I picked the car's key and quietly moved out of the house. We parked our car a little away from our home as someone else had already parked his car at our place.

As I walked towards the car, I could feel the silence in the street. There was literally no one in the street. I reached my car, unlocked it, got inside and closed the door. There on the dashboard I found a phone, it was my dad's. A smile came across my face. Then I started looking for my phone. I couldn't remember where I kept it so I searched here and there but couldn't find it. I started looking down on the mat, searching for it when suddenly someone banged my window. I moved my head up and looked outside the car. Nobody was there. I was sure someone banged because it was quite loud and there were impressions of someone's hand left on the window. I wondered for a little but ignored it and again began searching my phone. when i failed to find it, I took my dad's phone and dialed my no. I heard my phone vibrating but it was very faint. I was not able to tell from where it was coming. I again dialled and again my phone's vibrating sound came. I looked for it here and there but didn't find it. i got a bit puzzled. Then out of nowhere, again someone banged the window and this time harder. I looked outside again and like before there was no one. Now i got scared, I started sweating. my breathing became fast. I looked at dad's phone and it showed no signal. I felt helpless. I decided to not leave the car no matter what and completely locked all doors and shut my eyes.

After about 4-5 minutes I calmed down a bit, opened my eyes and looked outside, still no sign of a person there, just complete silence. Then gathering some courage, I again checked my dad's phone and it showed some signal. I got some relief. I again dialed my no. This time someone picked it up. I was taken aback by this and said hello. It was my brother on the other side. I got some relief listening to him. he asked me "Where are you?"

I told him that I left my phone in car and had come to take it, i asked him where is he right now? Is he the one outside? He replied "No, i am in my room. When we reached home after wedding, I saw you leaving your phone behind in car so I picked it up and brought it home but forgot to tell you."

I was shocked hearing this. Few minutes before I heard my phone vibrating and I started arguing with him just then my attention went on the handprints on the window caused by banging. I looked into them for sometime and then I realized something and started screaming. what I realized was that handprints on window were not from outside the car but from the inside!!

I started panicking, opened the door of car in hurry and rushed to my home screaming. My brother met me at the door and asked about my state. "What happened, I heard you screaming on phone?"

I told him about all this but he didn't believe and instead focused on calming me. I even told my parents but they also didn't believed it and called it hallucination due to tiredness and daydreaming. Only I know this was real and this incident still gives me chills.

Anonymous, Kolkata, India
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