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Terrorizing Unknown

Brittany, Kentucky, USA
May 2007

While my mother was pregnant with me, she lived in Arkansas and worked many odd jobs. Sometimes working 3rd shift or helping out at a chicken farm in Half Moon, AK. At this particular time, she was working night shift at some factory with my dad. One day she had been out with my dad and decided to go to her moms house, my grandmother Nana. While Nana was out they would sleep until it was time for work. Nana said that was fine and that she would be home in time to wake my mom up for work.

My Nanas house was very small - one room, one bathroom, small kitchen and living room. It had actually used to be a one-car garage but they put carpet and appliances in there to live, because that's what they do. So the fact that it used to be a garage meant that there were absolutely no windows in the entire place. So with the door shut and lights out its pitch dark.

My mom gets there and leaves the door unlocked because Nana was coming home and they lived in the middle of nowhere across from a cotton field, so she saw no harm in it. She continued to get ready for bed; she flipped all the lights off and lay down in the full-sized bed. It was pitch dark, no sounds inside the house and no outside commotion like passing cars or dogs barking. She started to fall asleep, dozing off and she shifted over to her back to get more comfortable, when someone pushed her over on her side. Odd, she thought, but she was half asleep so she just rolled back on her back. Again, she was pushed over onto her side. She started to get nervous; it didn't feel like solid hands pressing firmly on her back, it was like an uncontrollable movement that just "happened".

I must tell you, my mom is a devout catholic and not a very strong believer in the supernatural, but she swears to God every time I hear this.

So my mom is panicky, its dark and creepy, she's about to reach up to turn the light on when suddenly she's jerked down on the bed. The lamp flies off the bedside table and the light bulb shatters on the floor. She's being held down by something she can't see and can barley feel. Then the blanket is ripped off her body and pulled all the way off the bed. "The scariest thing to little kids, or anyone really, is having something reach out from under your bed and grab your feet." she says. And then she could feel hands, clearly palms and fingers wrap around her ankles tightly. She was then heaved completely off the edge of the bed. Whatever had her ankles has ripped my pregnant mother down off the bed and onto the floor. She is absolutely terrified. Not being able to see two inches in front of her face, she crawls across the floor, feeling around for the door. She reaches it and in a panic tries to open the door. She can't. It's locked. She tugs and twists at the doorknob trying to pull the door open but to no avail. No windows, no other doors, behind her is a black hole and an indistinguishable attacker. She's crying and praying, she reaches for the nearest light switch but when her hand runs along the place it should be, it's just a square hole in the wall and all she can feel are wires like it was ripped out. "I could feel it watching. The evil was watching me squirm. I felt disgusting." she says, the feeling consumed her and just as she was about to lose all control, my Nana opens the front door to find her pregnant daughter pressed up against the wall, in the dark bawling her eyes out.

There was no story behind the garage, no tale of torment or suicide. She never figured out what had happened. I think she knows but she doesn't want to face the fact that it was paranormal. She thanks God that nothing happened to me.

Brittany, Kentucky, USA
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