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Terrors in New Hampshire

Pennsylvania, USA
September 2000

Every summer, my family and I go to visit other relatives in New Hampshire. My Aunt and Uncle love buying the older, antique looking homes and fixing them up. I always hated going to visit. It was an old scary home in the middle of nowhere.

The summer that I was ten was the last summer I ever went to that house.

The adults all went out to dinner leaving us children at home. I felt safe because my oldest cousin was about twenty at the time, so I had no problem with it. I was reading magazines on my cousins bed when her bedroom door slammed shut and locked. (Since the house is so old, it has locks on the outside.) I started flipping out thinking they were playing a trick on me. I kept slamming at the door until all of a sudden, the window slammed shut also. I now knew it was no one playing a trick on me. I kept screaming and finally my cousins heard me and let me out.

I decided to sleep with my cousin that night because I was too scared to wait up for my mom or sleep by myself. At about 3am, something was jumping on the bed. My cousin thought it was my younger brother so she screamed at him and told him to get off. The jumping got worse so she finally stood up and pulled off the blanket. The jumping proceeded but there was nothing there. We woke up her mom and told her the story. The next day, her mother did some research on the house. In it, she found out that a family was living there in the 1800's. It was the parents and their two young children. During some battle, the troops wanted to use their house as a head quarters, but they declined. They were all found shot to death in different places of the house a few days later.

They put the house up for sale but it did not sell until a year later. She kept us updated about all of the crazy things that would happen. She once say a little girls swinging on their tire swing and the girl smiled and waved. Only seconds later she disappeared. The radios and televisions would always go on and off at 5pm every night. Many other things happened in that house but she didn't want to "scare" me. In the last ten years, the house had been put up for sale eight times. What happens there today? I don't know, but I can promise you I don't want to find out.

Pennsylvania, USA
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