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Thank You Lily

Cliff Sherman, PA, USA
February 2004

When I was fourteen I moved to my Father's house in upstate New York. We had an amazing purebred German Shepherd whose name was "Lily".

Lily and I were the best of friends; I walked, fed her, and gave her a lot of love and attention. In return she tried her hardest to get in to my room at night and guard my sleep.

One night I was extremely thankful for her presence. I was soundly asleep in my dark room when all of a sudden I woke to a feeling of intense foreboding. Lily was asleep in her usual spot next to my bed. She must have sensed what I was feeling because she suddenly woke and looked up at me. I felt my eyes being drawn directly across the room to the ceiling near my wall-mounted book shelves. I felt that the foreboding malevolence was emanating from that corner of the room.

I really do not know how to describe what I saw... There was a THING hanging in the corner. It was a deep purple in color and seemed soft, almost jelly-like in appearance, but had a faceted surface like a crystal. It almost seemed as if it was a cocoon of some sort, just waiting to bring forth some horrible force of evil.

Though reading this description might be taking a bit of time the events described occurred in mere seconds, so I was just coming to the conclusion that I was involved in some sort of waking nightmare when Lily decided to react. She rose to her feet, hackles raised, and was staring point- blank at the blob in the corner. A low, menacing growl escaped her throat, followed by a sharp warning woof. She took a half-step towards that corner of the room, still growling.

Suddenly, the air of malevolence cleared and the blob vanished. Having done her job, Lily laid herself back down and was fast asleep in a matter of seconds. I soon followed suit.

Cliff Sherman, PA, USA
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