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Thanks Again, Mom

Ashleigh Fischer, Ohio USA
February 1998

This is a story that was told to my dad just last year and he told it to my sister and me.

One night Kurt and Linda were driving in West Virginia on a dark, winding country road/hill and their car started giving them problems. They pulled off to the side of the road. They had passed no one for quite some time. There was suddenly a car parked in front of theirs. They saw no one coming towards them, and no one had passed them. It just appeared parked in front of them. A lady got out and asked if they needed help. Kurt rolled down his window a little bit and asked her to call for help, but she insisted on helping them by herself. She went to her trunk and got some rope and tied it to the back bumper of her car and the front bumper of kurt's car. Every time that the rope would come untied, she would stop and tie it back together and take off down the road towing them. She finally got them to the end of the road (I'm not sure if it was at the top of the hill or what?), they asked her if she would accept some money, and she said no. When the two of them got back into the car, there was NO CAR parked in front of them!!! they did not pass anyone on the rest of the way home, and no one passed them the other way. The strange thing was that this happened on the night of the anniversary of Kurt's mother's death. I guess that even if Mom's are gone, they still take care of their children and help them to safety!!! Anon: No

Ashleigh Fischer, Ohio USA
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