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Thanks Dad

Meg, Ontario, Canada
September 2003

Meg, Ontario, CanadaHi my name is Meg and I'm 19 from Ontario Canada. My father took his own life in November 2002. When relatives brought me home from work that night I didn't want to believe that he would actually even contemplate suicide. Eventually I accepted that that was his decision, not mine, even though his decision hurt so many people.

After his death I was always afraid he thought I was mad at him, or didn't know how much I loved him because we had a fight the day before he took his own life.

One night in April I suddenly awoke, and it felt like a dream but it wasn't. I couldn't move but I saw my dad's face, and he was smiling at me, I was afraid at first, then I felt calm and I wanted so bad to say " I love you!" but I couldn't speak, then suddenly I could move my arms and I did the Austin Powers thing where you point to your eye, then your heart then at the person to say "I love you" and I just kept doing that then suddenly it felt like I woke up, but my arm was still up and I was sort of sitting up in bed.

After this I have been alright about losing my father, I know I'll meet up with him again one day, and I know you hear this a lot but I think he just wanted to let me know that he's O.K and I'm glad he gave me one last opportunity to tell him that I love him.

Meg, Ontario, Canada
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